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Merlo and Mazzetti d’Altavilla, a winning combination.

The Mazzetti d’Altavilla brand, a historic Piedmontese distillery founded in 1846, is well known on national and international markets as a symbol of quality and attachment to territory, values that today form the basis of the sustainability goals pursued at European level. The high quality work carried out over its long history has allowed the company to be officially proclaimed a “Historical Brand of National Interest”.

When it was time to choose the telehandler for the handling operations in the company “the choice of Merlo was immediate, because it represents the best made in Italy product in the engineering sector” explains Sanzio Evangelisti, master distiller and key man of the Mazzetti company, “and it was consolidated thanks to the dealer EuroRent Italy”.

The company was looking for a machine that could handle all kinds of jobs, both outdoors and indoors. “It was a well-considered choice” says Sanzio Evangelisti, master distiller and key man of the Mazzetti company “because we needed a versatile machine that could handle several different operations. Operations that, seasonally alternate in a hectic way and that require agile equipment. Especially because the available spaces are not immense”.


In fact, the distillery is located on one of the most beautiful hills of Monferrato, where the organisation of the sheds has to take into account the significant changes in altitude. “Our headquarters are at different altitudes,” explains Sanzio Evangelisti, “so we need a nimble vehicle”.


The choice fell on the Turbofarmer 30.9, a machine that revolutionised the telehandler sector when it first appeared. Compact, high-performance and capable of reaching a height of 9 metres, it is a machine that set a new standard as it was suitable for new applications. The versatility of telehandlers has no limits and their use in the agricultural sector ranges from the classic livestock farm to the vine-growing and wine-growing sector.


As in the case of the Mazzetti d’Altavilla distillery, which is one of the most famous in the world, located in Altavilla Monferrato, in the province of Alessandria. A truly multi-purpose vehicle that handles both the logistics of marc and the handling of pallets of spirits within an exceptional context where history and innovation are the norm.
“For us, it is essential not to damage anything,” continues Evangelisti, “starting with the loading and unloading of the pallets and ending with the large containers made of elastic membranes where we store the marc. The Merlo F3T0.9 has excellent visibility in all directions, which gives us several advantages: from operational safety for all the people working in the distillery, to agile handling of incoming and outgoing material”.
A rational choice that has allowed the use of a single machine for very different jobs.
<sup>&nbsp;Sanzio Evangelisti</sup>
Mazzetti d’Altavilla is one of the most award-winning distilleries all over the world. In a company of great value, a typical sample of the best made in Italy business philosophy, the Merlo TF30.9 proudly upholds the flag of another great brand. In Gianluca Taini and his family we have found a reputable and professional partner. Exactly what we were looking for”. The Merlo TF30.9 of Mazzetti d’Altavilla has now worked almost 1.800 hours. A vehicle that has to do some work every day and has become essential for this distillery.