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The company

Belluco Farm

A beef producer since 1962, Belluco is a family business based in Bovolenta, in the Padua region of Italy. The company breeds 3,500 bulls of the Charolais, Aubrac, Sellers and Belgian Blue breeds, as well as a small part dedicated to weaning calves, and cultivates over 500 hectares of land.
The prevailing markets are national and French.

Marco Bellucco

Marco Belluco

To perform all these daily tasks at Bellucofarm we need a machine that is robust, compact, powerful, easy to use and very manoeuvrable. Together with the Merlo technicians, we identified the Turbofarmer 65.9.

Luca Bellucco

Luca Belluco

We start from the principle that if an animal is well, it is also a great advantage for us. Our animals only eat soya, maize and hay. And in all our stables we have ventilation systems that do an outstanding job, especially in the summer, when the climate is torrid.

Valentina Bellucco

Valentina Belluco

Being a woman in agriculture is not an easy thing to do, the predominance is still male, although with the passing of the years we can see an increase in female figures within farms.

Gabriele Bellucco

Gabriele Belluco

The company was founded in 1962. In the 1970s my brother and I joined and little by little we have grown to 3500 head of cattle and 500 hectares of land. Having the children on the farm is a very important thing, it would be impossible to run the farm without them.

Belluco Farm

Merlo | Partners for life | Episode 6 | Belluco Farm

Merlo Telehandlers

Turbofarmer 65.9

The TF65.9 models are telehandlers that are part of the High Capacity range and are designed to work in the most demanding conditions where performance in terms of lifting capacity and engine power make the difference.

The great exclusivity of this series is that it has managed to maintain compact dimensions, increasing manoeuvrability and versatility of use.

The new construction concept allows the models to be customised according to operational needs.

Turbofarmer 65.9 Bellucco


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