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Zapata Ecoagro

The newest episode of Partners for Life, the format that tells the stories of those who have found in Merlo machines the solution to their everyday work, makes a stop in Spain. In the village of Casasimarro, in the Castilla la Mancha region, world-famous for being the land of Don Quixote, is the home of José Luis Zapata’s Ecoagro, a company that has been buying and selling almonds, straw, cereals, and producing ecological fuels for more than 15 years.

José Luis Zapata

José Luis Zapata

Merlo allows us to hook and unhook equipment very quickly to carry out our activities.

Zapata Ecoagro, Partners For Life

Merlo | Partners for life | Europe Edition | Episode 2 | Zapata Ecoagro

Merlo telehandlers

Turbofarmer 38.10CS-140

TF38.10CS-140 models are telehandlers that are part of the Medium Capacity range.
This model can be equipped with a Suspended Cab, exclusive and patented by Merlo.
This makes it possible to drastically reduce vibrations and stresses inside the cab, facilitating transfers and work even on uneven terrain.

Turbofarmer 45.11T-170-HF

The TF45.11-170-HF models are telescopic handlers that are part of the High Capacity range.
This model features Hi-Flow (HF) technology. These are machines equipped with a state-of-the-art hydraulic distributor combined with a high-flow hydraulic pump.
The HF system combines the features of traditional hydraulics with innovative solutions such as gravity lowering, automated movement management, digitized actuator position control, and continuous oil delivery to services.

Thanks to Hi-Flow technology, Merlo is able to offer record-breaking performance and unique solutions to speed up and simplify users’ daily operations.



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