11 Apr 2022

Closing ceremony of the second level University Master’s Course organised by the Merlo Group and the Polytechnic of Turin.

On Friday 20 May at the Merlo Training and Research Centre, the conclusion of the second level University Master’s Course organised by the Merlo Group together with the Polytechnic of Turin in “Design and process methodologies for the industrialisation of modular telescopic machines” will be celebrated from 2.30 p.m. onwards.
The Master’s Course has involved 11 recent graduates in engineering for two years, who have been hired under an Advanced Training Apprenticeship contract to obtain a 2nd level University Master’s Course.
The master’s course is held both in the classroom (at the headquarters of the Polytechnic of Turin located at Lingotto and at the Merlo Training and Research Centre) and at the company premises (under the guidance of company tutors that the Merlo Group has identified among its technicians with experiences in the various departments).
The aim of the Master’s course was to provide the necessary skills to develop a new generation of modular telescopic machines, able to guarantee an increase in efficiency and a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions, with considerable benefits in terms of environmental impact.
With this project, the Merlo group confirms its objective of investing in young engineers to help them acquire innovative and advanced skills, able to respond to the challenges of a rapidly evolving global manufacturing industry, and to master the new technologies and the enabling tools of Industry 4.0 by training them to work in teams.
During the meeting, the engineers will explain the projects they have been involved in, the objectives of their work and the processes they have put in place to achieve them.
The high involvement of the students in the company’s design, industrial and quality processes has led to the development of concrete projects and innovative solutions for the Merlo Group.
In fact, the two-year period ended successfully, both from the point of view of training the students, who brilliantly achieved the set goals, and from the company’s point of view, where the projects carried out were completed and integrated into the company’s development and production processes. The young engineers were able to develop transversal skills by learning how to profitably interface with the different company areas.
The most important result, however, is the permanent employment of the candidates, which proves that the training and induction plan has been successfully completed.
Great satisfaction was expressed by Managing Director Silvia Merlo.
The Master’s course coordinator Prof. Aurelio Somà, lecturer at the Polytechnic of Turin, summarised the training course of this second Master’s course, emphasising the excellent relations between the Polytechnic and the Merlo group both in terms of collaboration in higher education and in research and development projects.
Given the success of these two editions of the Master’s course, the Merlo Group and the Polytechnic of Turin have decided to continue this important multi-year project by announcing the third edition of the Master’s course.
The next edition of the Master’s course is being planned in cooperation with the Polytechnic for academic years 2023-2024 with a proposed start in autumn 2022, for which the Merlo Group has already opened the selections. The Master’s course will involve 12 newly graduates with Master’s degrees in engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin, who will be hired with a Higher Education Apprenticeship contract.
This Master’s course, however, represents just one piece of a broader project that is part of a strategic vision of investment in the future both in the development of the San Defendente di Cervasca production site and in the numerous projects developed in collaboration with national and international schools and universities.