26 Feb 2020

Merlo UK Keeps Evolving

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It’s been a very busy and exciting few weeks at Merlo UK as it keeps evolving, lots of improvement in terms of Storage and Warehouse Management has been accomplished.

In the last few months Merlo UK introduced a regular Stock Analysis Process in which we are able to identify the volume of parts held in stock based on their current rotation. Alongside this, the company is using a licensed Algorithm that analyses our stock purchases and Merlo UK’s current stock level of each part, in order to generate a suggested stock orders for the UK market.

Furthermore, with the help of our Aftersales Team we have changed the layout of the warehouse and created an additional 32.7% storage capacity.

In conjunction with the innovations mentioned above, this enable us to:

  • Reduce parts lead time
  • Increase our stock depth and our ‘first time pick’ percentages
  • Provide a larger range of spare parts direct from the UK’s warehouse
  • Reduces the volume of parts going to backorder whilst enabling Merlo UK to provide a significantly improved VOR Service
  • Reduce down time while increasing productivity

Today we have also taken another significant step towards the implementation of our new Courier Network which will provide our Dealer Network with the most efficient and effective Delivery Service.

Merlo Group manufactures more than 90% of the components used on our machines: invest on reliability and find all genuine parts at your Merlo dealership!

Contact today our support team or your local Merlo Dealer to learn more!

Merlo UK Keeps Evolving