22 Apr 2020

Merlo Supporting Dealers and Clients During Covid

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The whole world is recording a new chapter.

The entire population is experiencing something completely different and certainly challenging.

Cars have stopped, planes have stopped.

Events and exhibitions have been disrupted.

But yet, farmers haven’t stopped and the construction support is needed in these tough times.

When most of the population is in quarantine, farmers every day go out to provide produce and builders are providing critical construction support: because crops and livestock can’t use the smart working and the temporary hospital wards do not built themselves.

Merlo Group and Merlo UK even through the ongoing emergency are working hard to provide all the needs to our Dealer Network: keeping the agriculture and construction up and running.

In the past we have experienced challenging times where we have learnt how to react consequently: difficult time generates strong people.

Many thanks to the Merlo Dealer Network which is delivering a great service to the join the nation’s efforts!

Once again we’ll prove that together we can pick ourselves up, stronger than ever!

When everything out there turns grey, keep the green light on!

We are Merlo.

Merlo Supporting Clients During Covid