27 Jun 2024

Minimal overall dimensions, safety, agility, power, comfort: the Merlo Dumper ensures all of this on construction sites all over Europe

A type-approved cab offering maximum protection in the event of tipping, high performance and low fuel consumption, and a maximum body capacity of up to nine tonnes are just some of the features of the vehicle designed by the leading manufacturer of telehandlers and transport and handling equipment.

San Defendente di Cervasca (CN) | 27 giugno 2024 - Safety, agility, comfort and power. These are the keys to understanding the new Merlo Dumper, by the leading manufacturer of telehandlers and transport and handling equipment of the same name. The medium-sized Dumper is probably among the most popular machines in urban and extra-urban construction sites throughout Europe thanks to its versatility and flexibility, and for these reasons Merlo has designed and manufactured a vehicle capable of meeting the requirements of an increasingly demanding market.

The Merlo Dumper is designed to minimise overall dimensions. Height of 2880 mm (3005 if with air conditioning), width of 2335 mm and length of 4920 mm. The high ground clearance (500 mm) ensures greater agility even on off-road routes.

The cab of the new Merlo Dumper (920 mm wide) is FOPS Level 2 approved, offering maximum protection in case of tipping or falling objects. The reversible driver's seat allows the operator to have a full view of the working area, both when driving forward and in reverse, increasing the safety and manoeuvrability of the vehicle. Thanks to the large glass surface, the cab provides exceptional all-round visibility. The windscreen can be opened. To further improve comfort, the machine can be equipped with air conditioning and an air-suspension seat.

The machine is equipped with 4 steering wheels and three types of steering to suit every situation. The steering mechanism features a by-pass valve that facilitates wheel realignment. Provided with permanent four-wheel drive, the differential, central to the axle to transfer motion to the two axle shafts, also has the function of preventing the drive wheels from slipping when cornering.

The Deutz TCD 3.6 engine with 74,4 kW - 100 hp guarantees high performance and low fuel consumption. The complete opening of the bonnet facilitates inspections and maintenance, while the raised platform with handrails and handholds facilitates the work of technicians. The Dumper is equipped with Merlo's hydrostatic transmission, which was developed to guarantee millimetric control of movements, ensuring a precision unique on the market. The gearbox, with two ratios, ensures a maximum speed of 40 km/h to reduce transfer times, while in slow gear the maximum speed drops to 14 km/h to offer greater precision and control.

The body with a maximum capacity of nine tonnes is made of Hardox steel for the bottom and high-strength steel for the vertical walls. To facilitate material unloading, the body is shaped, can rotate by 180° and has a tipping angle of 75°.

The new DM9 is scheduled to go into production in late summer 2024.