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The company

Le Rogaie

The dairy farm Le Rogaie has been involved in dairy farming since 1906.
The history of this family has strong roots and revolves around Barbaruto in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma.

On 150 hectares of land, the Borgia family faces all the challenges of a modern agricultural reality in a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

Giulio Borgia

Giulio Borgia

I wonder how it can be possible to do biogas without the Blackbird. There you move tonnes of material a day and you have to do it quickly, you can't waste time. And the Blackbird gives you the security of being able to work with the same weight with absolute peace of mind.

Gian Maria Liverani

Gian Maria Liverani

They have both livestock and biogas and we suggested this machine, the TF50.8, because it perfectly combines all their work requirements.

Edoardo Borgia

Edoardo Borgia

With the Merlo, practically everything can be done on the farm, thanks also to the countless pieces of equipment with which it is equipped (forks, bale grapple, digging shovel, bulk shovel and hook on raft).

Le rogaie

Le Rogaie

Merlo | Partners for life | Episode 4 | Le Rogaie


At the end of 2021 came the TF50.8, designed to work in the most demanding conditions. Incredibly manoeuvrable, versatile and stable.

With ergonomic, intuitive controls and the latest generation of air conditioning – which allows you to have the desired temperature in a matter of seconds regardless of outside conditions – the new cab was a pleasant discovery for the Borgia family.



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