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Merlo e-WORKER dominates the Formula E Grand Prix in Rome

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For the first time, a full-electric telehandler has operated in an international competition, proving to be the ideal solution for ensuring safety due to its performance, small size and excellent handling

L'e-WORKER Merlo trionfa al Gran Premio di Roma di Formula E

Partners for life | Episode 7 | 2023 Hankook Rome E-Prix

Formula E Grand Prix

11 Merlo Full Electric telescopic handlers of the e-WORKER series were used to handle the track safety activities of the Formula E World Championship race held over the weekend of 16 July in Rome.

The world championship for electric single-seaters landed on the EUR street circuit – a technically fast track characterised by long straights and a number of overtaking opportunities – for the fifth time in the history of the series and is the ultimate expression of technology in the field of electric mobility




Gianfranco Bonifacio

Deputy CoC

“We decided to use Merlo vehicles because, especially in this case, there are tight spaces, and therefore using compact vehicles would have made life easier for us – states Gianfranco Bonifacio, Deputy CoC -. So the use of a high-performance vehicle such as the Merlo, and specifically the particularly small and agile e-WORKERS, has given us the trump card to provide an excellent service. The batteries were a pleasant surprise, because the consumption is really negligible. Even during handling, the vehicle does not have excessive consumption, in fact it is very thrifty. The e-WORKER really left us speechless, because it is very, very convenient“.

Francesco Cassioli

Event control Room Delegate

“I would like to thank all the people at Merlo – emphasises Francesco Cassioli, Event control Room Delegate -, because there was a fantastic synergy, a speed of response to requests and needs, bringing in efficient means and trained staff. It was a wonderful collaboration and of course we are absolutely confident that this collaboration will continue in our daily activities at the Vallelunga circuit”.

Watch the e-WORKER in action