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As Merlo, we have tried to respond to the needs of our partners, thus optimising intervention times and trying to provide remote assistance. The MerloMobility platform allows us to do it all.


App Merlomobility

Geolocation of both the fleet and the single vehicle

In addition, it is possible to know the vehicle status (on or off) directly on a map. The Google Street View functions allow to see the precise location of the vehicle and decide how to intervene.

Engine data

It is possible to find information about the engine installed in the vehicle. For example, manufacturer, power and after-treatment systems. Through the parameter graphs it will be possible to observe any reduction in engine performance. Furthermore, we make it possible to have a history of the errors that have occurred.

Real Time

It is possible to check the reading of the sensors installed on the vehicle in real time. For example: the workshop staff will no longer need to reach the vehicle to check the reading of a sensor, but they will be able to do so directly from their premises. This will drastically reduce the intervention time.

Routine maintenance managem

MerloMobility gives access to a dashboard that allows monitoring the vehicles that need servicing. Therefore, it will be possible to plan interventions while saving time, improving performance and efficiency.

Error check

MerloMobility provides access to the vehicles’ error history. It is possible to find an error that has led to the problem on the vehicle and to know which control unit is faulty. In addition, you can define the time period and filter by control unit type.


MerloMobility reproduces precisely the behaviour of the dashboards at a given time. In addition, it is possible to know when a warning light came on and for how long.

Summary of functions

FeatureEnd UserDealer
Fleet geolocationSISISISI
Geolocation historyNONONONO
Filter vehicles on mapSISISISI
Vehicle statusSISISISI
Current engine errorSISISISI
Engine error historyNONOSINO
Engine trend graphsNONOSINO
Consumption trendSISISISI
Vehicle use modesSISISISI
Warning lights dashboardSINOSINO
Warning lights graphsNONOSINO
Steering column dashboardSINOSINO
Steering column graphsNONOSINO
Fleet performanceSISISISI
Vehicle detailSISISISI
List of current Merlo alertsSINOSINO
List of stored Merlo alertsNONOSINO
Software historySINOSINO
Control unit configurationSINOSINO
Remote engine inhibitionSISINONO
Add vehicleNOSINOSI

Available from January 2024

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