Forks And Clamps

4 foldable tines fork with hydraulic protection

Fork for loading one or more big bales, one on top of the other, with hydraulically adjustable guard height; the height adjustment makes this attachment highly suitable to store the straw bales up to the roof where the height of the top load can vary.

Interchangeable spikes which tilt back against the carriage for safe transportation, made of high resistance steel, with conical cross-section for better penetration of the bale.

A frame with 3 or 4 spikes; removable guard to a different height; fixed guard; 840 and 1240 mm long spikes can be supplied upon request.

The fork can be used as a pushing device if it used in the position shown in the drawing.


  • Suitable for stowing the bales up to the roof
  • Height-adjustable hydraulic protection
  • Interchangeable and tip-up tips, with high penetration
  • Protection height from 1,320 mm to 1,900 mm

4 foldable tines fork with hydraulic protection



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