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The company

Gooseford Farm

Founded in 1957, the ownership and management of Gooseford Farm belongs to the Courtier family, by Julian Courtier with the help of his two sons Chris and George. They currently own 400 mixed Friesian dairy cows that produce more than 7,500 litres of milk per year each. Before switching to dairy farming in 2016, the farm was originally a cattle and arable unit. In addition, Gooseford Farm has recently embarked on a new venture, providing farm-fresh milk and flavoured milkshakes through vending machines strategically placed in the surrounding area.

Julian Courtier

Julian Courtier

The use of Merlo telehandlers has allowed us to improve our business since 1995, when we bought our first Merlo, and since then we have had five.

Chris Courtier

Chris Courtier

At Gooseford Farm, Merlo does a fantastic job: he is very adaptable and can perform many tasks.

George Courtier

George Courtier

The hydrostatic transmission and its infinite speed control allow us to safely carry out all work on the farm. When needed, Merlo is the answer!

Gooseford Farm, Partners For Life

Merlo | Partners for life | Europe Edition | Episode 1 | Gooseford Farm

Merlo telehandlers

Turbofarmer 42.7CS

The TF42.7CS models are telescopic handlers that are part of the Medium Capacity range. In particular, this model is equipped with the exclusive and patented Suspended Cab (CS). By equipping the machine with this unique solution, the cab is fitted with an active hydropneumatic suspension, which can be controlled directly by the operator with an electric switch.

Turbofarmer 35.7CS

The TF35.7 models are telescopic handlers that are part of the Medium Capacity range. Maximum performance, for compact dimensions: maximum capacity of 3500 kg and lifting height of 6.6 metres.

This model can be equipped with a Suspended Cab, exclusive and patented by Merlo.
This drastically reduces vibrations and stresses inside the cab, facilitating transfers and work even on uneven terrain.



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