Computerise, locate and manage your fleet

Computerise, locate and manage your fleet

MerloMobility is the system developed by Merlo for monitoring private vehicles or company fleets. Merlo Mobility allows having complete control of your vehicle through a real-time geolocation system, performance monitoring, and the receipt of notifications on compliance with deadlines and maintenance management.


App Merlomobility

Enter communication

Your MERLO communicates with you through MerloMobility. Information on oil levels, routine maintenance, warranty, alerts, engine and performance is available.

Real Time

The “Real time” mode allows knowing exactly what the vehicle’s sensors are reading at that precise moment. This gives you immediate control and greater responsiveness in emergency situations.

Remote control

Our software platform allows inhibiting the engine start remotely. We provide the geofence function that allows knowing if your vehicle has left the relevant area. Furthermore, you will be able to set speed, load and movement limits. All this in total safety!

List of functions

Fleet geolocationSISI
Filter vehicles on mapSISI
Vehicle statusSISI
5-year TCONOSI
Real TimeSINO
Current engine errorSISI
Alert/PUSH alertSISI
Consumption trendSISI
Vehicle use modesSISI
Warning lights dashboardSINO
Steering column dashboardSINO
Fleet performanceSISI
Vehicle detailSISI
List of current Merlo alertsSINO
Software historySINO
Control unit configurationSINO
Remote engine inhibitionSISI
Add vehicleNOSI

Available from January 2024

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