14 May 2024


2 min. of reading

The multifunctional handler is top of the range for construction site activities.

The new episode of Partners for Life makes a stop in Sciacca. “The Roto did an extraordinary job,” says Alfonso Zinna, “Thanks to the forks we were able to move 12 to 15 scaffolding elements at a time, in half a day we brought almost 500 elements to the ground. Without the Roto it would have taken us three days.”

This episode also tells the story of those who have found the solution to their everyday work in Merlo machines.

The owners of the company Zinna Costruzioni talk about their work and how it has changed since they purchased the ROTO50.35SPLUS, the top of the range of rotating telehandlers. The company was founded in 1986 and is involved in new construction following all phases, from the land purchase to the design phase through to the construction of the building. On every construction site the company needs a lot of equipment and this is the ideal machine for every task. A multifunctional machine, that does not give any problems even on the many climbs characteristic of the town of Sciacca, where the new episode of Partners For Life is set.