27 Jun 2022




The new full-electric telehandler by Merlo is the winner of the prestigious ‘ADI Compasso d’Oro 2022’ Award, earning some of the top recognitions in the industry.

A blank sheet of paper and a desire to write a new chapter of a great story. This is how one of the most innovative projects of recent years has become a reality, reflecting a long history of passion, commitment and innovation. Based in San Defendente di Cervasca (CN), the Merlo Group is a leading manufacturer of telehandlers with a long-standing commitment to technologically advanced solutions. This has always been the driving force behind all the many challenges faced in more than fifty years of satisfying customer needs.
Efforts on continuous improvement have made the Merlo Group a benchmark for the whole material handling industry today. This is how the eWorker was first introduced, being the first full-electric telehandler to mark the start of a new generation known as Generation 0, set to develop into a whole range of products, with an increasingly green and technological focus.
After a development phase of two years by a team working across the whole company, at the end of 2021 the eWorker starts being marketed, achieving great success on the market and gaining solid approval from international technical juries in all contests attended, with many awards and prizes in Italy and around the world including: Samoter Innovation Award, Mention of Technical Innovation at Eima, Grand Prix Matériel; the Gold Medals at Polagra and Agrotech, and the Silver Medal at RHASS.
Thus, we are all very proud at the company to have been awarded the prestigious ‘Premio Compasso d’Oro ADI 2022’ Award, which was earned for the eWorker. The international jury of the world’s oldest and most influential design award, established in 1954, voted to honour the eWorker as a ‘product featuring advanced and culturally aware design methods, ethical responsibility towards people, society and the environment, and a driving force for new material and immaterial qualities’.
This 27th edition of the ‘Compasso d’Oro’ Award, with its main focus being Sustainable-Responsible-Development, was intended to reward ‘not just the best selection of Italian design, but above all an idea of the future,’ as pointed out by Ar. Luciano Galimberti, President of ADI.
The eWorker was, therefore, one of the 20 winning projects this year, from among the 500 finalists attending. This is indicative of the huge value behind our strategic development efforts. We are walking on a path that looks to the future, focusing on the increasingly pressing issue of sustainability, always with our roots firmly grounded in Made in Italy and the local area of Cuneo where we produce. Our aim is indeed to enhance usability in an ever more modern and valuable design, yet without ever giving up on comfort and safety in the workplace.
Here are the awards the eWorker has received:
2022 – Premio Compasso d’Oro ADI — Milan
Awarded in the category Machines and Components for Industry as a:
‘product featuring advanced and culturally aware design methods, ethical responsibility towards people, society and the environment, and a driving force for new material and immaterial qualities’.
2022 – Silver Medal at RHASS – Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland – Edinburgh
Awarded for:
proven versatility in the eWorker’s potential fields of application; durability, providing continued work with fast charging cycles and an 8-hour working range; focus on sustainability and usability.
2022 – Gold Medal at Agrotech – Kielce
Awarded for:
research and development, ensuring a continuous evolving process to design a vehicle with zero harmful gas emissions; best combination of energy efficiency and overall machine performance.
2022 – Gold Medal at Polagra – Lublin
Awarded for:
technological innovation found in an agricultural application, reflecting attention to detail to enhance and make the experience of driving a Merlo telehandler unique.
2021 – Mention of Technical Innovation at Eima – Bologna
Awarded for:
electric all-wheel drive, which can manage both the torque and speed of each individual engine; increased handling and operability, comparable to or improved over a similar combustion engine-powered telehandler
2021 – Grand Prix Matériel – Paris
Awarded in the category «Catégorie Matériel Gamme Légère», awarded by Chantiers de France and DLR for:
the powertrain management area, which allows charging times between 6 and 8 hours and up to 8 hours of run time; the weight/power/performance ratio.
2020 – Samoter Innovation Award – Verona
Awarded for:
achieved performance and efficiency in off-road transportation and basket operation on an electric vehicle of ultra-compact dimensions; excellent handling in all working conditions; and low operating costs.
Each of these awards is a major recognition of hard work, responsibility and commitment of Merlo Group, with all the women and men who contribute to the success of this great Family every day.