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Merlo and Vitali have been Partners for life for more than 25 years, thanks to the valuable collaboration of CMO Maren, an important dealer based in Bergamo, which has been promoting the use of Merlo telehandlers on construction sites since 1991. A relationship of trust was established between Vitali and Merlo, reinforced by the technology of the products, the immediate response in times of urgency, and CMO Maren’s ability to handle critical issues with the utmost timeliness and to propose customised solutions with high added value.

Alessandro Peluzzi

Alessandro Peluzzi

In demolitions, especially major ones, there is a massive production of even very fine dust. To reduce this effect we use Merlo TF4511.

Paolo Entrade

Paolo Entrade

The collaboration with Vitali Spa began in the mid-1990s when they acquired a production site a short distance from our headquarters in Bergamo. Since then, a partnership based on trust and mutual respect has developed between us, Vitali and Merlo.

Giuseppe Bonacina

Giuseppe Bonacina

The fact that Merlo is an Italian company guarantees lower waiting times, especially in terms of components and therefore in the supply of spare parts. Also, the after-sales warranty is excellent and this is important for us especially in the management of construction sites when promptness is key.


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Merlo Turbofarmer


For dust abatement, Vitali chose the TF45.11 – specially designed together with Maren and Merlo – to activate a tank truck that atomises water, thus reaching every corner of the site. This allows demolition work to be carried out while reducing the environmental impact on the construction site.


On this occasion, Vitali rented a P40.17PLUS, equipped with bucket, forks and lifting hook. These attachments, which can be easily fitted to the telehandler thanks to the Tac-Lock quick-connection system, make the vehicle extremely versatile.
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