Space platform

Self-leveling basket made of hollow aluminium bars. with anti-slip aluminium sheet flooring. Basket supported on vertically-hinged telescopic boom. Vertically swiveling support. Automatic load limiter, that locks movements in case of overload. Control board of the vehicle (boom in-out / up-down / side-shift or turret rotation) and of the attachment (boom in-out / up-down / rotation). Fixed to the carriage by means of a safety bolt. SPACE systems are equipped with a symmetrical clamping system allowing work in the most varied conditions. Therefore it can be assembled in normal position or upside down according to need. Assembly and testing must be carried out at Merlo Spa.

SPACE pre-arrangement is required.

The control unit (radio control) is not included in the platform.


  • It allows working in the most varied conditions of use
  • Telescopic carrycot arm
  • Negative and positive operations
  • Rotation on a raft axis of + 180 ° / -130 °

Space platform



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