Warranty Extension


Extend your Merlo warranty cover

Warranty Extension


From 2024 our customers can enjoy total safety and peace of mind by extending their warranty coverage beyond the standard period and ensuring complete support for our telehandlers.

The MerloExtend programme allows all our customers to find the correct extension programme based on the actual use of the machine, allowing them to maximise productivity and ensure uninterrupted use of our products.

Up to 7000 working hours

Up to 60 months

Combination of extensions

Warranty Matrix

MerloExtend offers customised solutions, calibrated on a matrix of working hours and years of use. Every detail is designed to adapt to specific needs, providing tailor-made protection to maximise the life and efficiency of the investment for each type of customer.

With the extended warranty offered by Merlo, our customers can enjoy exclusive benefits that allow them to maximise the value of their investment through the exclusive use of original spare parts and by taking advantage of the experience of the official Merlo service network to maximise the performance and durability of our telehandlers.

Our technicians are available to intervene in a timely manner, guaranteeing not only quality service, but also professional advice to keep your machines at their best over time.

A unique level of protection TOTAL COVER


The extended warranty for hydraulic, mechanical and cooling components provides protection against costly damage and failure, ensuring the proper functioning of critical equipment and machinery.


Mechanical transmission elements such as: universal joints, mechanical gearbox, crankcases, pinions, bearings, gears

Hydraulic components

Hydraulic transmission elements such as: Hydrostatic pump, hydrostatic motor, pressure valves, hydraulic blocks, hydraulic reservoir


Dedicated elements for cooling the transmission-related fluids of the machine: reservoir, radiators, fan
  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic components
  • Cooling

Merlo Extend offers you the following benefits:

    The warranty extension offers coverage beyond the standard period, providing long-term protection for the product.

Activation and maintenance

You can contact your dealer to activate your MerloExtend warranty extension programme.

Furthermore, a subscription to the

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