Prime minister Matteo Renzi visited Merlo

15 September 2016
On Wednesday 14 September 2016, Merlo Group welcomed Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to its headquarters. For the Italian Premier, who was visiting a number of centres of excellence in the Granda province, Merlo Group was an essential pit-stop.
This extremely significant visit served to confirm Merlo's status as one of the leading companies of the Made in Italy movement, and during his time at the facility, the Prime Minister took the time to have a brief but important discussion with the Group's chairman. 
Mr. Merlo welcomed the Italian Premier to the company, providing him with an overview of Merlo as it is today, and the company it wishes to become in the future, through a number of projects currently under development, set to propel the Group even further into the lead over the next five years, both in terms of innovation and technology.
Mr. Merlo then showed Mr. Renzi a number of the company's machines at work, in a spectacular demonstration which drew attention to the innovation and research that led to their creation. The highlight of this presentation was the new hybrid telehandler, currently in the final stages of development, which is due to be rolled out for production and sale in the coming months.
At the end of the demonstration, the Prime Minister was taken on a guided tour of the plant, allowing him to take a closer look at the complex cutting-edge technological machinery that is used in the production of more than 90% of the components from which Merlo's telehandlers are composed.
At the end of his visit, the Prime Minister was greeted with applause from a number of employees, with whom he chatted for a few minutes, alongside Mr. Merlo.
The last leg of Mr. Renzi's visit took him to the beating heart of Merlo Group: the Project department, made up of more than 100 people engaged on a daily basis in the research and development of new technologies. A key activity for Merlo Group as a business, which has led to the brand registering more than 100 patents, rendering the name Merlo synonymous with world-class innovation.