Merlo get on the track

30 August 2016
Merlo telehandlers play an important part in the Formula 1 GP in Monza
The Monza Grand Prix is a long-standing event in the Formula 1 championship and this year is being held for the 84th time.
Along with Ferrari, another Italian brand has been present for many years and has almost become a permanent fixture. We are talking about Merlo and its telehandlers. Merlo has been supplying its machines which provide assistance and remove damaged vehicles for almost 20 years.
Our telehandlers first appeared in 1985 and since then have become a vital tool for the Monza rescue team. With their compact size and exclusive technology, they can quickly spring into action and remove hazards as soon as possible.
Due to their success, over the years Merlo telehandlers have also been used on other racing circuits worldwide in France, Canada, Belgium and even Dubai.
The link between Merlo and the world of racing has become so strong that often Merlo telehandlers are associated with Formula One races and even people who know absolutely nothing about the world of handlers remember seeing the "green machines" in action. Merlo has also been flatteringly referred to by many as the "Ferrari" of telehandlers.