Merlo at Sima 2019

03 September 2019
The ability to adapt to the different conditions of use and the versatility in applications has been the fundamental characteristic that characterizes, from the beginning, the Turbofarmer range, both in agricultural, construction and industrial applications.
Maintaining this philosophy, Merlo SpA has decided to develop a new model that would be able to condense the most recent customer requests related to heavy duty applications while maintaining unparalleled manageability and ease of use.
Today MERLO SpA presents the New Turbofarmer TF65.9 which contains a concentration of innovation both in terms of design and content. The new construction layout that integrates innovative technical solutions will be the basis on which future models will be developed that will enjoy significant benefits in terms of performance, efficiency, reliability and reduced maintenance time, ensuring levels of safety at the top of the market.
The winning points:

Not only sensations, but safety thanks to the leveling system, which allows correcting the lateral inclinations up to 11 ° in order to lift the load vertically; and the advanced load management system - ASCS - as standard. In addition, FOPS certified cabins - Level II - and ROPS.


Niente è infattibile/Nulla è irraggiungibile, con la nuova motorizzazione da 170CV, il generoso impianto idraulico – Load Sensing e Flow Sharing - capace di erogare oltre XXl/min e la trasmissione a variazione continua di ultima generazione, MCVTronic, questa macchina è in grado di completare ogni tipologia di lavoro nel campo industriale e agricolo.


The best workplace, the new cab is equipped with the patented damping system that drastically reduces vibrations and noise, its generous size guarantees maximum comfort and maximum visibility for all operators. The tac-lock system for the hydraulic locking of the tools allows to further improve the operating comfort.
Designed to last, the structure of the machine has been designed to last over time, the telescopic boom is able to offer maximum precision in movements even with heavy loads, the axles are able to guarantee traction and efficiency even in the most uneven terrain. Another unique feature of Merlo machines 7 cm "steel belt" is able to protect the entire structure from possible impacts.
Fully compatible, with the wide choice of equipment designed specifically for Merlo telehandlers and interfaced with the exclusive automatic recognition system, it allows the TURBOFARMER to operate in multiple situations even the most demanding, increasing its versatility.
Simpler and more intelligent, this machine is equipped with an Eco Power Drive - EPD electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission - which reduces engine rpm where high power is not required, implementing additional features such as Speed ​​Control and automatic RPM adjustment in function at the required hydraulic power with maximum fuel consumption.