From Paris to Nice ... passing by Merlo

16 July 2017
Passion has always been one of the pillars for Merlo which allows us to achieve extraordinary goals. This is one of the key points that allowed the Merlo Group to become a technology leader and an international reference point for its sector. The same passion that animates many sportsmen who ride since the spring on their bikes every time they have the possibility of being able to cicle kilometers in freedom. Every kilometer, every climb is both a conquest and a starting point in a continuous challenge against oneself.
For this reason, when the amateur cycling association AAOC (Airport Association Olympique Cycliste) contacted the Merlo Group asking for hospitality for the June 22nd stage of Paris-Nice tour, the approval was immediate. This is an historic race, now in its eighteenth edition, which brings together non-professional riders from all over France. The 2017 edition saw 250 cyclists take part in the 10 stages with 1500 km traveled and a total height difference of 27,500 meters.

The Merlo Group was chosen as the grouping stage for the 250 cyclists, to control and regroup the riders and then continue compactly in parade up to the Galimberti square.
For the occasion, the Merlo Training and Research Center CFRM was equipped with a welcome area, fountains, a refreshment points and a relaxation area where the first runners were able to cool off and rest while awaiting the arrival of their companions. To give shade to all the participants, telehandlers were used in such an unusual and welcome new application: the tent holder. The six handlers were effectively organized to support and hold 2 tarpaulins, thus creating a large shaded area where benches were placed for waiting cyclists.

Given the high temperatures recorded, the riders very much appreciated the welcome received which allowed them to spend the two hours of waiting for the arrival of the last athletes in a pleasant and relaxing way.

At the end of the event the organizer, André Leroux, wanted to reward Mr. Amilcare Merlo with a plaque celebrating the event for the reception and support received.
A heartfelt thanks to the CFRM staff and to the Merlo Group volunteers who made the event possible thanks to their work of those days.