Fieragricola 2020

30 October 2019
At Fieragricola, Merlo presents the widest agricultural range of telescopic handlers, Cingo crawler carriers and TreEmme tractors for attachments.
Highlights of the booth will be the two models already compliant with Stage V standards: the Turbofarmer 38.10 TT CS-145 CVT and the Multifarmer 44.9CS-170 CVT.



The new Turbofarmer 38.10 TT CS-145 CVT is the evolution of the MEDIUM CAPACITY range, already awarded ‘Machine of the year’ 2014 and 2015 for its innovative contents.
The new Turbofarmer 38.10 TT CS-145 CVT 35.7-145 CS is equipped with an updated 143 HP motorization compliant with STAGE V standards. 
The entire agricultural range adopts the latest electronics developments designed and implemented in Merlo. This ‘in-house’ development strategy allows a greater integration of the machine components and together with the integration of the MerloMobility system. This exclusive tool allows exploiting, in an integrated way, the information detected by the machine that becomes available within a portal linked to the MerloMobility CONNECTIVITY SYSTEM. 
The new range will furthermore be equipped with the Merlo capacitive electronic joystick. This new joysticks includes a sensor that automatically detects hand presence.
Furthermore, the new Turbofarmer 30.9 introduces three new controls located near the joystick that allow to set the services oil delivery, block the rotation of the carriage and lock the auxiliary controls.
This new range is also equipped with the new CDC safety system, which introduces several innovations in terms of safety management and provides further information on the 10.1-inch colored display (optional) in the cabin. 
Compacted size is combined with top class performance. The spacious cab, fitted with exclusive hydro pneumatic “Cab Suspension”, provides unrivalled comfort, visibility and productivity.
A key feature of the Turbofarmer range is the wide selection of products that allows customers to choose from different versions with exclusive technology to meet an array of several operational needs.
The exclusive "Boom side-shift" enhances the precision and versatility of these vehicles and allows to laterally shift the boom so as to better position the load without the need to reposition the telescopic boom, thus reducing operating times and operating costs.
The Merlo CVTronic intelligent continuous transmission and the 143 HP engine updated to STAGE V standards guarantee maximum efficiency and high productivity.
The Turbofarmer 38.10 models are equipped with new generation of axles equipped with a new central differential, new cast structures and a new wheel reducer. This solution increases the durability of the components and their structural strength. To improve the wheel behavior and, generally, the entire transmission system during steering, the homokinetic joint in the shaft has been redesigned. The customer advantages guarantee greater reliability of the components, greater structural resistance and provides a longer durability of the axle.
  Model Maximum Capacity (kg) Maximum Height (m) Engine kW/HP
TurboFarmer Medium Capacity TF38.10 TT CS 145 CVT 3800 Kg 9,5 105 - 143


Multifarmer MF34.9CS e MF44.9CS

This Merlo range represents the maximum expression of versatility, combining the performance of a telehandler with those of an agricultural tractor.
The exclusive high visibility suspended cabin allows operating in the most diversified conditions while maintaining the highest standards of comfort, ergonomics and safety.
The rear electronically-controlled PTO, combined with the CAT3 three-point linkage for the Multifarmer 44.9 with a lifting capacity of 7000 Kg and CAT2 for the 34.9 with a lifting capacity of 3000 Kg, allows to use multiple equipment range. Therefore, it is an outstanding useful machine for farms and farmers.
The MF44.9 Multifarmer presented at Agritechnica represents the evolution of the Multifarmer 40.9 thanks to performance improvements in terms of lifting.
  Model Maximum Capacity (Kg) Maximum Height (m) Engine kW/HP
Multifarmer MF34.9 CS 3400 8,8  100-136
  mf44.9CS-170 CVT 4400 8,8 125-170
Multifarmer MF34.9CS e MF44.9CS.png


The new Merlo Stage V range presents the new capacitive joystick developed for the agricultural sector, which responds to market demands.
This solution was developed to improve ergonomics, by reducing operator fatigue and increasing daily productivity.
The joystick integrates the commands of the machine operational functions with the ones needed to manage the transmission.
Two sensors “integrated in the joystick” automatically detect the presence of the operator's hand. The consequence is the possibility of using the joystick in a more comfortable, simple, and intuitive way. In the front part, there are the proportional controls of the boom (extension/retraction, auxiliary functions, neutral gear). In the rear part, there is the direction selector switch, which allows the operator to quickly manoeuvre the joystick providing full - safety conditions. The "reverse" shuttle is replicated on the left side of the steering column too.
The cross movements of the joystick (transverse and longitudinal ones) allow the control of the boom movement functions (lifting/lowering, carriage rotation).

MERLOMOBILITY - Certified Technology

The Merlo telehandlers range offers the chance of exploiting an exclusive technology to transform their machines into even smarter ones. The TELEMATIC SYSTEM, also known as the MerloMobility, is a technology whereby the Customer exploits, in an integrated way, the information gathered by the machine.
 Merlo Mobility is a flexible tool for optimizing the operational monitoring of customer’s machines throughout different business sectors.
System features:
  • Telemetry and remote monitoring of machine usage information;
  • Integrated technology with management information system;
  • Machine Integration with the customer management system;
  • Possibility of interfacing with existing IT system.
  • The system displays in real time the machine status and location;
  • The customer receives a detailed inventory of the machine's activities: traveled distance, hours of use, etc.
  • The customer can smoothly organize machine maintenance 
  • Be alerted if an unauthorized use of the machine is detected (i.e., overcoming a workspace or a time zone).

New CDC security system

Taking advantage of the new electrical circuit, Can-Bus, and all the sensors located in the hydraulic cylinders of the machine, the new CDC safety system was already introduced in the stabilized Panoramic range. 
The new interface includes, as an option, a 10.1-inch colored display (STD on High Capacity and Multifarmer ranges).


In the event of movement blocking, a pop-up shows the customer the movements that can still be performed in order to simplify the management of the machine.


With the new multifunctional digital display, it is possible to set, through simple commands, the maximum movement speeds for the main hydraulic controls:
  • Extension and return speeds;
  • Lifting and lowering speed;
  • Auxiliary hydraulic movement speed (eg. Winch descent).


It is possible to set the working area so as to manage limits within which the arm can operate:
  • Extension Limit;
  • Lifting Limit
Customer benefits:
  • Greater speed of use and machine management;
  • Increased operating comfort for repetitive work;
  • Greater safety while working in hazardous environments.