A green Grand Prix

02 September 2019
The Monza Grand Prix is ​​an historic event  in the Formula 1 championship, just think that this year the 90th edition took place.
In addition to the Ferraris, there is another Italian brand that has been present for many years now and it has become almost "at home".  
We are talking about Merlo and his telescopic handlers. For over 20 years, Merlo has been supplying its machines for rescue operations and removal of damaged cars.
It was 1985 when our telescopic handlers made their first appearance and since then they have become an indispensable tool for Monza operators, thanks to their compact dimensions and their exclusive technologies they allow to operate quickly and remove dangers in the shortest time possible.
A success that over the years has led Merlo telehandlers to be adopted also in other circuits around the world, in France, Canada, Belgium and even Dubai.
The bond between Merlo and the world of circuits that has become so strong that Merlo telehandlers are often associated with races and even those who do not know at all about the world of telehandlers remembers having seen "green machines" in action.
There are also many who risk a very flattering comparison, defining Merlo as the Ferrari of telescopic handlers.