Fly jib with winch

This trestle structure combines reduced weight and rigidity under load.
Its bent shape permits to reach a working height equal to the sum of the machine height plus the height of the trestle jib keeping the hook position off the machine overall dimensions.
High-resistance antispin rope complete with  pulley and rope guide at the
jib end (A1300).
The winch is equipped with block valves and descent control valves as well as top and bottom limiting devices on the up and down movement of the hook.
Block with safety hook slewing over 360°.
The trestle jib is supplied complete with cradles for road transport.


  • Block with approved hook equipped with safety tongue, rotatable on 360 °
  • Lattice structure of low weight and high rigidity
  • Multiple hooks available based on the model
  • Standard load limiter
Weight (kg)
Max hook
Portata massima (kg)
A1300B 205 3535 28 600
A1330B 215 3535 28 400
A1310B 288 1975 30 1500
A1320B 305 3856 23 900
A1215B 290 1550 35 2000
A1321B 330 2000 35 2000

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