Concrete Mixing Bucket

High resistance steel front edge.
Main body of the skip made of steel with outer reinforcements.Feed screw rotation by hydraulic motor and chain drive.
Wear-proof and replaceable steel fins on the screw.
Swinging chute for concrete unloading. The door is opened and closed by radio  remote  control.  Hydraulically-controlled  and  automatically  closing safety grid of the screw. Pre-arrangment should be ordered separately and varies from model to model. Upon request an extra 1,5 m long (A1520) extension chute can be ordered as well as a 1,5 m long (A1550) unloading hose and a radio control for starting and stopping  concrete mixing and unloading, as well as for opening and closing the door .(Applicable only on machines equipped with LS pump)


  • Hydraulic opening and closing of the door, even with radio control
  • Propeller protection grille with hydraulic control, with automatic closing device
  • Replaceable anti-wear steel propellers
  • Adjustable channel for unloading concrete
Weight (kg)
Capacity (kg)
A1565 690 1060 350
A1570 - A1571 750 1710 500 1250
A1580 - A1581 880 2225 750 1875
A1582 - A1583 1020 2225 750 1875

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