15 September 2020


No one understands the strengths and weaknesses of a vehicle better than those who drive it every day. That’s why we decided to meet with our customers and ask them to explain why they chose Merlo.

The first company we visited was Bodini Filippini Angelo e Francesco Società agricola, which represents a benchmark in the Brescia area in terms of professionalism, vision and product quality.
In fact, the company consists of a breeding farm (300 dairy cows), a dairy, a farm holiday structure, and a restaurant, and is even a member of a consortium that manages a biogas plant. It’s an amount of work that would be unsustainable without some help!
The Bodini Filippini company is managed by the families of Angelo and Francesco. The breeding farm is managed by Claudio, who greets us from the cab of his Merlo TF42.7 CS 140 CVTronic telescopic handler, which still looks new despite several months of use. And after speaking with him, we understood why. “Merlo telehandlers have been an essential part of all our work activities since 1997, and not just in the field of agriculture!” explains Mr. Claudio Bodini Filippini. For him, the latest model purchased, the TF42.7, is like a little gem that’s reserved for his own exclusive use. For the others, there’s another telehandler, the P40.17, which, in addition to the heavier farm work, is also used for various other jobs, and has even been used for renovation work. 
The Panoramic is therefore the “utilitarian” model that’s available for everyone to use. But they dare not touch his Turbofarmer! The Bodini Filippini family has chosen Merlo telehandlers for their unique qualities: versatility, precision and reliability. “From the first day we were really impressed by the precision of movement that the Merlo hydrostatic transmission guarantees, and how easy it makes it to use the vehicle, which is indispensable on a large farm,” says Claudio. One of the greatest advantages of Merlo telehandlers is their interchangeable attachments, which can be replaced quickly thanks to the Tack Lock system, thereby completely transforming the vehicle. This makes it possible to rapidly switch from handling milk and whey for the dairy, to handling and transporting trailers, storing bales of hay, and cleaning the aisles. 
“Over time, we’ve managed to resolve numerous problems and invent new applications. For example, we now use the telehandler to move and clean the calves’ igloos, with no need for fixed structures. 
This provides for a great advantage in terms of time and ease of operations! Moreover, the comfort has been truly remarkable ever since Merlo introduced its suspended cab, and we couldn’t do without it anymore! In addition, the door 180° aperture allows the driver to enter and exit the vehicle easily, while at the same time eliminating the expense of accidental window breakage,” Claudio tells us. And while we were speaking, his father, Angelo, joined us on board the P40.17.
“This telehandler is 15 years old, but it still works like new!” he exclaims enthusiastically. The longevity of the company telehandlers is also owed to the excellent service offered by the local Merlo dealership: Agricam. 
For the choice of the most suitable model, the Bodini Filippini family relies on Agricam salesman Roberto Cristoforetti, whose expertise and availability is greatly appreciated by the family. For the brand, on the other hand, there’s never any doubt about which they’ll choose: Merlo!

Telehandlers used by Boldini Filippini: