Merlo unveils the new WASTE MANAGER configuration

26 November 2020
Merlo Group's mission is to meet its customers' needs, while ensuring safety. For this reason, it has developed several unique and patented technologies which have made Merlo telehandlers technology leaders in their market sector. 
Merlo has always assisted those who drive vehicles intended for the handling, storage and disposal of waste. Waste Manager was born out of this experience.
Waste Manager is a configuration created to make Merlo telehandlers even more efficient, safe and comfortable during the most demanding and difficult operations, which are typical of the world of waste management. Great attention was paid to the comfort, safety and protection of the machine, to ensure its maximum productivity and efficiency.
To achieve this goal and provide the ideal vehicles for the heaviest uses, Merlo has equipped Waste Manager models with several technical measures


Operator safety has always been the most important aspect of the design of Merlo vehicles. The primary protective element for those who use our telehandlers is the structure of the Merlo cab, which is certified according to the ISO 3449 FOPS Level II and ISO 3471 ROPS standards, and guarantees the best protection rating in its class. A protection grille is mounted on the windscreen to safeguard from a potential fall of the handled materials, hence increasing safety of the cab during the most demanding operations. Furthermore, the latter is also equipped with a fire extinguisher. The cab is pressurised and equipped with an activated carbon filter that improves the quality of the air sucked in thanks to a HEPA-level filter capacity preventing the entry of contaminants. 
The unique design of Merlo telehandlers offers unique 360° visibility, increasing the safety, accuracy and productivity of the vehicle. To ensure these features even at night or in poorly lit environments, the Waste Manager configuration includes 11 LED headlights that illuminate the entire perimeter of the telehandler.
Waste Manager models are also equipped with a broadband alarm that signals when the machine is reversing. Its sound is less sharp but more directional and clear than the traditional reversing signal present on the rest of the range, thus guaranteeing the safety of ground personnel and operational comfort.


The exclusive Merlo cab features a unique design that prioritises functionality and comfort, allowing a more intuitive and comfortable driving experience. The information to the driver, as well as the controls of the different systems and devices, are grouped into functional areas, in order to maximise the ergonomics of activation. 
The cab, mounted by means of anti-vibration silence-blocks on the frame, has been developed to guarantee Merlo customers an unprecedented level of comfort. The width of 1,010 mm and the large glass area of 4.3 m² ensure the best-in-class comfort. In addition, all models can be fitted with a pneumatic suspension seat to further increase driving comfort. 
In order to make the driving experience even more comfortable, Merlo telehandlers can be equipped with the exclusive and patented Suspended Cab (CS). This increases productivity and realistic working cycles. The low-frequency system provides for a drastic reduction in vibrations and stresses inside the passenger compartment, thereby facilitating transport and work operations, even on uneven ground.
Waste Manager models also offer Active Boom Suspension (BSS) as standard, which protects the load during transfer, reducing pitching and increasing comfort on rough terrain. The suspension is automatically deactivated at low speed (below 3 km/h), for boom maximum precision and power. 


The waste management sector needs to operate continuously, reducing machine downtime as much as possible. To meet this need, the Waste Manager configuration includes the underbody protection. This extends the life of the vehicles and reduces the necessary maintenance, protecting the underside of the telehandler. Waste Manager models are also equipped with solid tyres which prevent puncture. This increases safety, and eliminates the costs of replacing a wheel as well as machine downtime. This type of wheel ensures a wear resistance which is 3 times higher than that of a conventional tyre. 
In order to make maintenance operations simple and quick, the Waste Manager configuration includes a centralised greasing centre. In addition, the extensions of the boom are protected by brushes that prevent the entry of bulk materials between sections, reducing the risk of damage to the internal components and extending their life. All major servicing points are easily accessible from the ground to allow users to perform a daily check safely and efficiently.
The High Flow (HF) hydraulic system of the vehicle has been designed to maximise performance, and eliminate the risks of oil overheating that would lead to wear and tear of all components. The exclusive Merlo distributor allows you to perform some boom movements automatically. This feature enables the rotation of the carriage as well as boom descent and retraction, facilitating and speeding up digging and material handling operations with the bucket.

Waste Manager configuration will initially be available on TF65.9 models and then extended to the entire high-capacity range.