Merlo Panoramic 40.14: a thousand and one machines

11 January 2021

The ideal machine is one that can handle everything. This is what Merlo’s Panoramic 40.14 Plus can do. In fact, depending on the equipment assembled, it is able to tackle any situation.


It was 1955 when Giulio Cestonato, after finishing his studies as a foreman, started his construction activity, initially focussing on small construction works. These events took place at a very favourable time. In fact, in the 1960s the economy was booming, which accelerated the growth of the company both in terms of collaborators and types of work performed. This was followed by the company’s specialisation in civil construction, still the main focus of the business today under the guidance of Giulio’s children, Roberto, Gianluigi and Sabrina. Under their guidance, the company, which is based in Soave (VR), also supported the construction of new projects with redevelopment and renovation works, especially in the historic centres, and had 9 employees. A story made up of experience, quality and innovation, which in the 1980s intertwined with that of another large Italian company which as fate would have it, had the same guiding principles: Merlo.



The fateful meeting

The first Merlo machine purchased by Cestonato was a CEM forklift. This is a forerunner of what would later become the journey taken by the Piedmontese manufacturer, namely the design of telehandlers. A journey undertaken by Amilcare Merlo at a time when the very concept of a telehandler did not exist. But this is another story, which we may tell you in the future. Let’s go back to Cestonato. Today the CEM is no longer part of the fleet. In fact, it has been donated to an association operating in Africa, where it appears to be still operating. Cestonato, on the other hand, turned its attention to telehandlers and purchased their first P30.13, followed over the years by the P35.13. “Due to our construction sites often having little space and needing to carry out multiple activities, we are always looking for machines which are both compact and versatile” explain Roberto and Gianluigi Cestonato. “From the outset, the telehandler has been perfect for our needs, an excellent combination of per- Gianluigi and Roberto Cestonato, owners of Cestonato Srl together with their sister Sabrina formance and handling. For us a telehandler needs to be Merlo’s”. In fact, the one delivered in early July, the brand new P40.14 Plus, is the third telehandler by the Venetian company, which replaces the previous P30.13 purchased in 1996.


The need

We have decided to purchase the new Panoramic to meet the specific needs of our restructuring and redevelopment activities. In recent years, we have found that the use of the platform, is now essential for these activities. However, our fleet didn’t have any, so we were forced to rent one”, Roberto and Gianluigi explain. “In the end, we considered it more profitable to include in our fleet a machine that also featured a platform. That’s what we did. Thanks to the P40.14 Plus we are now completely autonomous also with regard to the lifting of personnel at height”. The Cestonato brothers have opted for an slewing platform, the leading model of the Merlo range, able to accommodate 3 people and carry 300 kg at maximum height. The hollow profiles and non-slip aluminium floor give this carriage the perfect combination of structure lightness, the versatility of a hydraulic rotation system and the safety of an automatic load detection device (with movement blockage in case of exceeding the expected limit). The vehicle itself was enhanced thanks to the highest level of technology guaranteed in terms of efficiency, performance and versatility of use by Plus models.



Roberto and Gianluigi Cestonato are happy with their purchase: “just entering the cab you notice the generational leap that has taken place compared to our previous telehandler. This P40.14 is a refined model, whose detail and characteristics meet our needs”. Soon the P40.14 will be operational on site, where it will certainly not disappoint. “Merlo vehicles have several positive qualities, and ours is no exception: versatility, speed, practicality, functionality to the most varied construction operations, just to mention the main ones” continue Roberto and Gianluigi. “Furthermore, the visibility from the cab both of the area surrounding the machine and the boom, is truly insurmountable and unmatched among the other telehandlers on the market”.