Eleven meters: Merlo’s answer to heavy loads

13 November 2020

Merlo 170 HP telescopic handler with 11-metre boom for heavy loads.

"An eleven metre boom in agriculture! Traditional telescopic handlers usually reach a height of 7-9 m. Why does Merlo dare to go further? Demands from farmers are growing. Silage stores are getting higher. Merlo keeps up with such changes. The TF 45.11, with 170 HP, 4.5 t capacity and 11-metre boom stands up to heavy loads. This is what Merlo Deutschland and users think about this series for heavy loads presented at Agritechnica 2019 ..."
Bremen: The telescopic handler TF 45.11, with its 170 HP engine, secures its place among lifts for heavy loads. The manufacturer from Northern Italy, Merlo S.p.A., is the only one to combine a maximum capacity of 4.5 t with a lifting capacity of about 11 m. This model belongs to a series without stabilisers, able to lift up to 5 t. The axles with epicyclic gear unit, specially designed to have a compact axle body, ensure the stability required by the company to perform operations with heavy loads.
Heavy load lifts belong to the series of Turbofarmers, the most purchased and spread Merlo’s products in the agricultural field. Many of the configuration variants of the famous Turbofarmer series, thanks to the modular structure given by the Italian company, are possible also in case of heavy loads, hence for the TF 45.11. 
These models feature a factory-set levelling of the integrated frame as a standard, to make loading operations on the fields easier. The 4-cylinder engine can reach up to 2,300 rpm, while complying with the requirements of Tier IV Final regulation. The heavy load lift with CS (suspended cab) is available as an optional. The driver’s compartment with hydropneumatic suspensions, present in the standard tractor, is offered only by Merlo for telescopic handlers. Moreover, the configuration with hydrostatic transmission with continuous variation “CVTRONIC” is available as an option.
The potentiometer offers a practical solution. As an option, the driver can increase or decrease the engine rpm by means of the controls in the cab. Its operation is independent from the throttle pedal and allows the operator to significantly adjust the reaction times of the machine depending on the loading conditions.
As all Turbofarmers, also the TF 45.11 can be used as a tractor, at 40 km/h. The machines are equipped with boom limit stop damper, the so-called “soft stop”. The quick gear change system ZM3 for agricultural machines can be activated from the cab. In addition, the manufacturer paid special attention to make an easily accessible engine compartment. In this way the engine unit, the filters or the oil level rod can be easily reached with your hand.
The 11-metre telescopic handler is specially suitable for biogas plant operators. Dirk Heidbreder, (regional Sales Manger for Merlo Deutschland) says: “The fact is that systems become increasingly big and rental costs for silos are rising. This is where Merlo saw a great opportunity. It took a pre-existing 5 t frame and equipped it with a 3-element articulated boom. This is how an aggressive handling equipment was designed, allowing us to perform pick-ups from great heights.”
Fischer biogas systems in Unterpleichfeld, near Würzburg, have a power of 380 kW. Furthermore, the company is in charge of the fattening of 160 bulls. Following their experience with the 9-metre machine, farmers now want a Merlo TF 45.11. The height of their silos in some periods reaches about 8 m. The operator of Hermann Fischer systems confirms: “In these cases, we need a bit more freedom, capacity and length. And the 11-metre Merlo model is perfect to meet such need.” 
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Koelbl, Harry Fischer und Händler Benedikt Müller von Müller Landtechnik, Dittelbrunn.jpg
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In the Bavarian company, the TF 45.11 loads the corn for the plant. It feeds it with dung and silage. It also covers the silo surface and brings the tyres or the sand bags to cover it. The dung is removed from the bull stall with the telescopic handler. The lift is also used for maintenance operations and to replace stirrers. 
The system operator, Harry Fischer, says: “... to have some stock! This is also one of the reasons why we switched to the 11-m model.” It was helpful when we had to replace the essential element of the system, the 4.5 t engine. Fischer: “It was great. Purchasing a machine with such dimensions has ensured us a huge advantage.”
Alois Kölbl, regional Sales Manager and Merlo reference person for Fisher, suggests: “For telescopic handlers, you have to consider that the maximum lifting capacity indicated for the telescopic lifting boom is an overestimation. For many, the 11-metre machine is simply a smart solution.” In fact, for example, the TF 45.11 with the boom extended forward by 4 m, at a lifting height of 9 m, has a residual capacity of 1.5 t. 
The video of the brother of the same series, TF 50.8, tested by the agricultural magazine “profi”, is one of the most popular tests of telescopic handlers on YouTube. As for the TF 45.11, Merlo Deutschland shows a recent ride and a driving report in a 380 kW biogas plant.
Merlo presents its series of heavy load lifts during Agritechnica 2019 in hall 6, booth D17.

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