Not just feelings

Merlo SpA is synonymous with advanced technology in the field of telescopic handlers and operating machines.
Every year, over 8% of our turnover is invested in Research and Development. This is an important figure that reinforces Merlo's status each year as a technological leader in the world of telescopic handlers. 
These investments allow Merlo engineers and technicians to design and build over 90% of the components within the Group.
This winning attitude reflects a precise company philosophy that has always been aimed at collaborations, based on trust and mutual interest, with Scientific Research Institutes and University Institutions.
The results of all this are compact, manageable and reliable machines that ensure unrivalled operating features.

CDC Dynamic Load Control security is tailored on your needs

Safety continues to be one of the primary objectives for Merlo and the M CDC, now standard on most of the Merlo range, introduces a completely new approach to the control of operating safety. The system identifies the weight and the position of the load lifted and enters them in a virtual load diagram calculating the stability index. As the index increases, visual and acoustic signals warn the operator that the safety limit is approaching.
Once this limit is reached, the system automatically prevents exacerbating movements thereby preventing it from overturning and at the same time allowing the operator to return within the safety parameters.
  • Light - everything under control
    The exclusive CDC Light system checks the safety parameters of the telehandler in real time and allows the operator to work in total safety, making the most of the potential of the telehandler and the equipment used.
  • CDC - Exclusive security
    The exclusive Merlo Dynamic Control system of the new generation CDC load automatically detects the type of tool used, the geometric configuration of the machine, the "extension and boom angle" and the load moved.
    All information is displayed on the LCD screen, allowing the operator a simple and safe use of the telescopic handler.
  • CDC - ROTO
    The innovations applied to the new Roto range are also expressed in the area of ​​safety with the introduction of the new evolution of the exclusive CDC Roto.
    This system allows you to collect different parameters selected by the machine, analyze them in real time and create a load diagram that allows all operators to know,
    through the new LCD display, the perimeter within which it will be activated in maximum security.
    This new technology analyzes the position of the load, the angle and extension of the boom, the rotation of the turret and the raft, the position of the stabilizers, the weight of the load lifted and the equipment in use (automatically recognized).
The Merlo cab is built using an exclusive construction layout that guarantees the highest standards of safety and visibility.
The cab is certified according to international FOPS - Level II (Resistance to falling loads UNI EN ISO 3449: 2009) - and ROPS (Crushing resistance - UNI EN ISO 3471: 2008), to guarantee a safety level Top for the operator.

The Merlo steel belt

The unmistakable element of Merlo lifts is the "steel belt" that completely surrounds the telescopic frame.
It is a round steel bar 7 centimeters in diameter, cold bent with exclusive technology. An integral part of the frame, it has a fundamental structural function but it is also a solid and original element of protection against impacts and damage.
There are numerous attempts at imitation, but all are aimed at a result that is simply aesthetic, certainly not structural or of substance.
  • Total protection: fantastic protection against impacts and damage.
  • Great stability: it significantly lowers the center of gravity of the machine making it much more stable in all working and transfer conditions.
  • Great driveability on the road: it avoids the use of counterweights or rear ballast thus making road travel extremely comfortable, without pitching even at maximum speed.


Simpler and smarter

For Merlo, efficiency means maximizing productivity and reducing operating costs and consumption. At the center of the project is the man; with the commitment of the Merlo Group to respect the environment and improve the efficiency and performance of our products.

Merlo hydrostatic transmission: simple and precise operations

The whole range is equipped with hydrostatic transmission, which makes the work phases simpler and more precise.
Furthermore, the dry disc brakes allow to limit the energy absorption, reducing the consumption of the machine.

Merlo Fan Drive

The Fan Drive is a standard mounted technology that allows you to change the direction of rotation of the motor fan, passing from suction, to cool the radiators, to blower, to clean the radiators, eliminating dust and processing residues.

Eco Power Drive

Energy saving is the challenge that Merlo has faced with innovative, practical and effective solutions that save money by guaranteeing high-level performance.
To achieve this, Merlo technicians have devised the exclusive Eco Power Drive EPD system.
Depending on the model and the type of application, three versions have been studied to provide the maximum level of efficiency while ensuring optimal performance according to the needs of the operator.
  • EPD Ligt - reduced consumption
    The exclusive Eco Power Drive (EPD) Light technology automatically controls and regulates the engine revolutions based on operating conditions. As a result, the engine speed is released from the accelerator pedal. This technology achieves a reduction in fuel consumption up to 18%.
  • EPD Plus - Reduced consumption and multi-function
    The exclusive Eco Powe Drive EPD technology automatically controls and regulates the engine speed based on operating conditions, releasing it from the accelerator pedal and allowing a reduction in fuel consumption of 18 percent. The EPD Plus version has the modes: "Heavy Load", "Eco" and "Speed ​​Control", adapting the performance to the different operational needs. The "Eco" mode optimizes performance in light operations, reducing consumption; the "Speed ​​Control" mode allows you to set and maintain the forward speed; the “Heavy Load” function, on the other hand, allows the full potential of the machine to be exploited in the most demanding contexts, making it particularly useful for those who carry out heavy excavation work.
  • EPD Top - Customized mapping
    The exclusive Eco Powe Drive (EPD) Top technology automatically controls and regulates the engine revolutions based on operating conditions. As a result, the engine speed is released from the accelerator pedal. This technology achieves a reduction in fuel consumption by up to 18 percent. The Eco Power Drive in the TOP version has the following modes of use: "Heavy Load" "Eco" and "Speed ​​Control" which allow the performance to be adapted to the various operating requirements, and also includes the engine speed management function directly from the joystick.


In Merlo products, each component is designed to maximize performance and make the operator's job easier and more comfortable. The cabin is designed to guarantee the highest standards of safety and comfort and offers an internal space at the highest market level. The controls for driving on the road are assigned to be regularly operated hands always on the steering wheel and respond to the most recent concepts of ergonomics.

Suspended Cabin CS - The most comfortable cab

The exclusive Merlo patented CS cushioned cabin with active hydropneumatic suspension that can be switched off directly by the operator.
The low frequency system allows the drastic reduction of vibrations inside the passenger compartment and facilitates the absorption of the stresses and vibrations transmitted during the transfer and work phases even on uneven ground.
The wide range allowed, thanks to the perfect integration of hydraulic and pneumatic devices, ensures the most effective response even in the most demanding routes.
The operation of the suspensions, activated by a simple button in the cabin, can be switched on and off depending on the work requirements, even with the machine in motion.

Hydropneumatic suspension B.S.S.

The BSS boom suspension is available as an option, which protects the load during transfer and maintains a high driving comfort on rough terrain.
In the hydraulic suspension on telescopic arm B.S.S. - Boom Suspension System, the damping function is entrusted to a hydraulic circuit equipped with gas pressure dampers operating on the boom lifting cylinder.
The system is based on a reliable technology that offers an effective damping action of the stresses that are transmitted to the load transported during the work phases, significantly reducing the pitching of the telescopic arm during high-speed journeys.

Hydropneumatic suspension of the EAS axle - Travel in total comfort

The electronically controlled active suspensions guarantee a more comfortable ride, especially when operating on uneven ground, reducing transport times and increasing operator comfort.
The device also operates as a transversal and frontal inclination corrector, allowing you to work in total safety even on sloping terrain.

E.A.S. electronically controlled active suspensions (Electronic Active Suspension) operate thanks to the homogeneous and balanced integration of hydraulics and electronics, the two technologies chosen to drive the basic mechanics. Combining hydraulics (the actual damping system) with electronics (the control system) Merlo researchers have created an active self-regulating system that works with the same effectiveness regardless of the load and without the operator having to worry about the its functional control.
  • More comfort: driving is more comfortable, especially when towing a heavy trailer or operating on uneven terrain.
  • Full safety: the device also works as a transversal inclination corrector allowing to work in total safety even on sloping ground.
  • Better performance: vehicle dynamics, especially when cornering, is benefited.

Roto Tilting Cab

The exclusive Merlo cab tilting system guarantees greater levels of comfort, ergonomics and safety.
From the driver's seat, the operator, acting on the dedicated button, activates the tilting of the cabin. The longitudinal inclination reaches 20 ° and allows to monitor the movements of the load when working at height.

Air conditioning system

The air flow is evenly distributed inside the passenger compartment and optimally reaches all areas for first-class comfort.
The new Merlo cabin can now reach a interior temperature of 22 ° with an external condition of 43 ° and full solar radiation and a temperature of 26 ° with an external condition of -15 ° and no solar radiation. The suction nozzles are located on the side of the cabin away from potential sources of dust and dirt. Inside there are 8 nozzles, three of which are dedicated to defrosting the windscreen for optimal climate comfort.

Silent Block - Silent and Comfortable

The new cab of generous dimensions is placed on Silent-blocks, which drastically reduce vibrations, guarantees the operator maximum comfort and maximum visibility.

Quick change Tack-Lock accessories

The Tac-Lock system for hydraulic clamping of the equipment further improves operating comfort.


Merlo performance: everything at your fingertip

Everything at your fingertips

Ease of use, precision, versatility and ergonomic controls are the keywords on which Merlo products are designed. The Group's strategy is based on the search for cutting-edge innovative solutions that allow the customer a profitable and lasting activity with the utmost respect for safety and the environment.

Merlo hydrostatic transmission, exclusive precision

Guarantee of maximum precision in the movements, thanks to the hydrostatic transmission, which ensures millimetric variations in the movements of the machine and in the positioning of the load.

MCVTronic, the Merlo continuously variable transmission

The Merlo CVTronic intelligent continuously variable transmission combines the Merlo experience gained on hydrostatic transmissions with new technical solutions that allow the same performance, consumption and efficiency of a traditional CVT transmission to be achieved.

The MCVTronic transmission is born in the wake of the Merlo tradition in the field of hydrostatics and allows obtaining fluid accelerations without interruption of torque from zero to 40 km / h.
The transmission consists of two hydrostatic axial piston engines that are fed by the electronically controlled hydraulic pump. At low working speeds the two hydrostatic engines work together to offer maximum torque, with an increase of + 12% compared to conventional hydrostatic transmissions. In transport, the second hydrostatic motor is automatically disconnected from the control system and the oil coming from the pump feeds the main hydrostatic engine that pushes the Turbofarmer up to the maximum speed.

Compact and lightweight

The Merlo telescopic handlers are compact and lightweight to reduce maneuvering space and impact on the ground. These features guarantee safety, maneuverability, productivity and lower consumption.

Record visibility

Merlo telehandlers are designed to offer the best visibility on the market, thus ensuring faster and safer operations.

Frame leveling T

The tilt correction system, integrated in the frame, allows the operator to correct the slopes of the ground to work in total safety.

On sloping terrain the operator can correct the lateral inclination by 8%, this allows the telescopic arm to be pulled out perpendicularly to work in conditions of maximum safety.

The tilt correction system, integrated in the frame, allows the operator to correct the slopes of the ground to work in total safety.
On sloping terrain the operator can correct the side tilt up to 24% with models equipped with stabilizers. This allows the telescopic arm to be pulled out perpendicularly to work in conditions of maximum safety.

Power take-off

Only Merlo can now offer lifts equipped with an integral PTO and a rear three-point linkage.
The models of the MULTIFARMER and TURBOFARMER range are in fact a valid complement to the traditional tractor when it is necessary to operate agricultural implements and perform typical tractor work, with the certainty that the full power at the power take-off and the capacity of the three-point hitch ( 4300 kg with snails) can also handle the most demanding jobs.

3 Point Linkage

The models of the Telescopic Tractors range are equipped as standard with the rear three-point category II attachment and lifting capacity of 4000 kg (Multifarmer 34.7 and 34.9) and category III with a lifting capacity of 7000 kg (Multifarmer 40.7 and 40.9) .
This exclusive solution transforms the models of the Multifarmer range into telescopic tractors capable of performing all the operations of a traditional telehandler and at the same time of operating towed and mounted equipment.