MF34.7 - 140

The unique and inimitable telescopic tractor
Merlo was the first company on the market to translate the concept of a telescopic boom tractor into reality and to patent it: the Multifarmer. It is a real crossover, which combines the characteristics of a traditional agricultural telescopic handler with those of a tractor, producing truly exciting results. The result is a range that offers high-performance vehicles, all equipped with a 3-point rear linkage and mechanical power take-off.

The MF34.7 models represent the revolutionary Merlo solution for performing all farm work: handling, lifting, transporting loads and operating attachments with a high level of performance for operations typically carried out by traditional tractors (towing and tillage).

The Telescopic Tractors are also equipped with the anti-tipping ASCS (Adaptive Stability Control System) Light system and engines managed by the EPD Plus (Eco Power Drive) with auto-revving joystick, which allows for a reduction in diesel consumption.

Points of strength


Everything at your fingertips
Exclusive precision:
Guarantees maximum movement precision, thanks to the hydrostatic transmission, which ensures millimetric variations in the machine's movements and load's positioning.

Compact and lightweight:
The Merlo telescopic handlers are compact and lightweight to reduce manoeuvring space and impact on the ground. These features guarantee safety, manoeuvrability, productivity and lower consumption.
Merlo telescopic handlers are designed to offer the best visibility on the market, ensuring faster and safer operations.

Chassis levelling:
The tilt correction system, integrated into the chassis, is available as standard on this model. It allows the operator to offset the ground slopes by 8%. This allows the telescopic boom to be moved out perpendicularly to work in conditions of maximum safety.
Power take-off (PTO):
The Telescopic Tractors are equipped with a mechanical power take-off as standard that, in combination with the 3-point rear linkage, allows mounted and trailed attachments to be connected.

3-point linkage: cat II:
This model is equipped as standard with a category II 3-point rear linkage with a 3000 kg lifting capacity.


The best workplace
Quiet and comfortable:
The new cab, of generous dimensions (1.010 mm), is mounted on Silent Blocks, which drastically reduce vibrations, guaranteeing maximum comfort and maximum visibility for the operator.
Quick accessories changeover:
The Tac-Lock system for hydraulic clamping of the attachments further improves operating comfort.
Protection of the handled load:
The boom suspension system (BSS) is available as an option, which protects the load during transfer and maintains a high level of driving comfort on rough terrain.
Air Conditioning System:
The air flow is distributed homogeneously within the passenger compartment and optimally reaches all areas for first-class comfort.


Not just feelings
Record-breaking safety:
The Merlo integrated safety system controls the operating parameters in real time, allowing the operator to work in peace.
Certified cabs / Certified protection:
The Merlo cab is FOPS - Level II - and ROPS certified, to guarantee a high level of safety for the operator.
Everything under control:
This model is equipped with the exclusive new generation ASCS (Adaptive Stability Control System) Light safety system. The ASCS checks the safety parameters of the telescopic handler in real time and allows the operator to work in total safety, making the most of the telescopic handler's potential and the attachment used. 


Simpler and smarter

Simple and precise operations:
The entire range is equipped with hydrostatic transmission, which makes the work phases simpler and more precise. Moreover, the dry disc brakes limit the absorption of energy, thereby reducing the machine’s fuel consumption.
Reduced consumption:
The exclusive Eco Power Drive (EPD) technology automatically controls and adjusts the engine revolutions based on operating conditions. As a result, the engine speed is disconnected from the accelerator pedal. This technology achieves a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 18%.


The Merlo designers have adopted technologically advanced diesel engines, advanced hydrostatic transmissions and axles equipped with dry disc brakes, which contribute to reducing power absorption. Diesel engine/transmission management is electronic to optimise performance and minimise energy consumption.

Deutz 136 HP engine:
This model is equipped with a four-cylinder Stage IV Deutz engine with 136 HP (100 kW) of power. The engine complies with anti-pollution regulations with DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) and SCR (Selective Catalysis Reduction).

40 Km/h Speed:
This model offers a maximum speed of 40 km/h.
Load sensing flow sharing:
The Load Sensing Flow Sharing pump allows numerous simultaneous movements regardless of the load handled, the operating pressure, the engine revolutions or the pump flow rate. This allows for the optimisation of operations, reducing work times and improving system efficiency.
The transmission system is managed in a way that guarantees a high static starting torque, smooth progression and an optimisation of cycle times and consumption.


Merlo designs and produces its own axles internally, which are thus made and tailored to each application, enhancing performance and safety for each model.
Epicyclic reducers:
The axles fitted to the machine are equipped with epicyclic reducers that are synonymous with great reliability. Their exclusive design offers a lower centre of gravity for excellent traction. 
Three steering modes:
Merlo telescopic handlers offer three steering modes: only the front wheels, pivot steering and crab steering. This exclusive solution adopted on the axles guarantees the maximum steering angle to perform manoeuvres in tight spaces.
Four-wheel drive:
The driving wheels, which are always engaged, are synonymous with maximum traction in all operating conditions.
The integral servo-assisted braking system acts on the four wheels for maximum safety in every working context. Parking brake: activates automatically when the engine is switched off or can be engaged manually from the cab.

Telescopic Boom

The Merlo designers have devised a sturdy, compact and lightweight telescopic boom, today a benchmark for design, load capacity and speed when carrying out work. The chosen steel is of the structural type with welds along the neutral bending axis, offering a rectilinear boom in any extension or loading condition.
Boom 6,85 m: 
The boom consists of two sections: the maximum lift height is 6,85 metres for unrivalled versatility. The components - including the boom extension cylinder, the hydraulic pipes and the electric cables - are housed within a cartridge structure inserted in the boom. This exclusive solution considerably increases the longevity of the components and makes the external shape clean and snag free, allowing for rapid maintenance operations.

The ZM2-type tool carrier carriage allows for all Merlo attachments to be connected. The hydraulic locking of the tools is carried out from the cab, while the hydraulic and electrical connections feature quick couplings.

The attachments are easily replaceable, thanks to the exclusive Tac-Lock system for the hydraulic locking of the attachments, thereby improving operating comfort.
Hydraulic and electrical connections:
Hydraulic and electrical connections are available at the end of the boom, allowing for the movements of the various usable attachments to be operated directly from the cab.

Technical Details

  • Maximum Capacity (kg) 3400
  • Lifting Height (m) 6,85
  • Operating weight (kg) 7900
  • Standard Tires 460/70-R24
  • Width (mm) 2240
  • Height (mm) 2485
  • Lenght (mm) 5440
  • Frame levelling (%) + / - 8
  • Engine Deutz TCD3.6
  • Displacement/Cylinders 3600 / 4
  • Engine Power (kW/HP) 100 / 136
  • Emission standard Stage IV, SCR+DOC
  • EPD Plus
  • Max Speed (km/h) 40
  • Hydraulic pump LS + FS
  • Flow / pressure (l/min - bar) 145 - 210
  • ROPS - FOPS Cab
  • Cab Suspension NO
  • Number of speed 2
  • 3-Point linkage YES

Available equipment