Cingo M800 TD

Cingo M800
This compact transporter is equipped with hydraulic transmission with gear pumps and hydraulic gear motors with the possibility of moving at double speed. Excellent performance and maximum safety are also guaranteed by the Overcenter valve for controlling speed on slopes. Replacing the attachments available for this carrier model is facilitated by the possibility of placing the attachment on the ground with four support feet.

Points of strength


Everything at your fingertips
This professional transporter's hydraulic transmission with gear motors guarantees maximum torque transmission.  The strong rubber tracks exert low specific pressure on the ground.


The new ergonomic position of the driver's seat and the large operator platform's shock-absorbing system optimise driving comfort.


Not just feelings
The dynamic braking of the automatic parking brake, integrated in the gear motors, guarantees a lower stopping distance and maximum safety.


Simpler and smarter

The machine can be used in all sectors for the handling of material in confined spaces and on steep and uneven terrain. 
With a total width of 690 mm, it transports the material with ease, passing through doors and gates and in the narrowest passages without any problems.


The cingo M800 is equipped with an Overcenter valve flanged on hydraulic motors. This solution improves uphill and downhill speed control.


The Cingo M800TD is equipped with a 12 HP Honda petrol engine with electric start and a double speed of 2,5 and 4 km/h.


This model is available in two versions: equipped with a dumper and
a dumper with a self-loading bucket.


The hydraulic track forward drive controls are extremely easy to use and provide maximum driving comfort. The speed regulator connected to them allows the machine to perform specific processes that require a constant driving speed, such as the application of plant protection products with a sprayer in the viticultural sector.
This model is equipped with a manual control parking brake as standard.

Technical Details

  • Engine Honda
  • Maximum Capacity (kg) 800
  • Power (HP) 12
  • Fuel Petrol
  • Electric Start YES
  • Max Speed (km/h) 2,4 - 4
  • Machine weight (kg) 480
  • Width (mm) 800
  • Lenght (mm) 1640
  • Track dimension 180 X 72 X 36
  • Hydrostatic Transmission -
  • Transmission controls Hydraulic
  • Transmission pump (cc) 11 + 11
  • Gearmotors YES
  • Driver platform 12 + 4
  • Parking Break YES
  • Hydraulic Outlet 4
  • Oil Cooler YES
  • Hydraulic pump 4
  • Multifunction with quick coupling NO