Cingo M12.3 EVO

Versatility at your fingertips
The Cingo M12.3 EVO, equipped with gear motors and integrated parking brake, is the largest and most versatile multifunction machine. It is equipped with a powerful 21 HP diesel engine and suitable tracks that allow it to operate in any terrain condition, thanks to excellent ground contact. Ideal in hilly and mountain areas where the compact size, low centre of gravity and remarkable traction allow you to work effectively and safely. The hydrostatic system, with hydraulic servo-assisted controls, also allows you to manage the speed from a few metres per hour up to a maximum of 5 km/h. It also allows you to control the steering with ease and micrometric precision for work accuracy and driving safety.

Points of strength


Everything at your fingertips
This multifunction model is equipped with hydrostatic transmission with gear motors, which guarantees excellent performance and maximum torque transmission. The strong point is the effective combination of the machine's extreme compactness and the guarantee of high performance. The robust rubber track is suitable for all terrains and has a low specific pressure.


The hydraulic servo-assisted driving controls greatly reduce the force required to operate the driving levers, resulting in greater comfort when driving, especially during prolonged work. Driving precision is also enhanced. The operator platform's shock-absorbing system reduces the vibrations transmitted to the operator, while the large support surface of the same platform further enhances driving comfort. 


Not just feelings
The dynamic braking of the automatic parking brake, integrated in the gear motors, guarantees a lower stopping distance and maximum safety.


Simpler and smarter

The patented quick coupling device allows for the use of countless attachments in all sectors (e.g. construction, agriculture and animal husbandry, maintenance of parks and gardens and winter road maintenance). The hydrostatic transmission with variable displacement axial piston pumps reduces fuel consumption.


Merlo has always believed in tracked tool carriers and has further refined the Cingo by equipping it with a modular chassis and new gear motors with a built-in parking brake.


The Cingo M12.3Evo is equipped with a 21 HP Kubota diesel engine with electric start and a speed of 4,5 km/h.
This model is equipped with helical gear motors positioned directly on the hubs.
Torque transmission thus takes place directly on the track with maximum efficiency and maximum traction. The high transmission ratio makes it possible to overcome important slopes.


The versatility and multi-purpose qualities of the Cingo system are unique. The quick attachment coupling device equips the sturdy tracked truck with two strong steel booms. This hydraulically controlled coupling system is patented and allows the rapid and simple replacement of innumerable attachments.
With the multiple attachments available, the Cingo represents a highly efficient and productive machine that is a source of significant cost reduction for numerous different activities where specific machines are normally used. The excellent features and performance of Cingo attachments and their total compatibility derive from an integrated design and an exclusive production process.


The hydraulic track forward drive controls are extremely easy to use and provide maximum driving comfort. The speed regulator connected to them allows the machine to perform specific processes that require a constant driving speed, such as the application of plant protection products with a sprayer in the viticultural sector.
The Cingo M12.3 Evo is equipped with a 14-litre diesel tank that is hinged to facilitate access to the diesel engine for maintenance.
The engine protection grid is hinged at the lower side for quick radiator maintenance.
Comandi posto guida ergonomici e intuitivi. Al centro il comando per freno di stazionamento (automatico o manuale).

Technical Details

  • Engine Kubota
  • Maximum Capacity (kg) 1200
  • Power (HP) 21
  • Fuel Diesel
  • Electric Start YES
  • Max Speed (km/h) 5
  • Machine weight (kg) 720
  • Width (mm) 1000
  • Lenght (mm) 1800
  • Track dimension 230 X 72 X 40
  • Hydrostatic Transmission YES
  • Transmission controls Hydraulic
  • Transmission pump (cc) 13 + 13
  • Transmission controls Hydraulic
  • Gearmotors YES
  • Driver platform YES
  • Parking Break YES
  • Hydraulic Outlet 6
  • Portata/pressione (l/min - bar)
  • Oil Cooler YES
  • Multifunction with quick coupling YES
  • Flow / pressure (l/min - bar) 27 + 8/200