For Efficiency

For Merlo, efficiency means both the maximization of productivity and the reduction in the costs and the consumption with resulting reduction in emissions. An example if provided by two patented technologies:

Merlo CVTronic and EPD (Eco Power Drive), which work together to optimize productivity and comfort, enabling a reduction in consumption which can even reach 30 percent compared to an ordinary vehicle. Thus reducing operation costs and emissions of CO2.




High performance, maximization of performance and low maintenance cost

Energy savings is the challenge that Merlo has confronted with innovative, practical and efficient solutions which save three litres of fuel for every hour of work. By hypothesizing an annual use of one thousand hours and a fuel cost of 1.2 * Euro per litre 3,600 Euro is saved per year. To achieve this objective, the Merlo technicians designed the exclusive EPD system covered by international patent which manages the thermal engine revolutions disconnecting them from the accelerator pedal. The accelerator pedal is positioned by the operator based on the speed desired and the torque requested, the EPD control unit which manages the engine rpm with the objective of maximising performance and minimizing consumption takes care of all the rest. Given these automatic conditions, the EPD system provides manual control of several parameters such as Transport & Tow aimed at achieving or maintaining the desired speed with minimum energy consumption, Heavy Load for maximum performance during special processes such as excavation or removal of snow. Namely, maximum torque to the wheels with minimum consumption and Inching for maximum precision of the movements. In addition, a second potentiometer is dedicated to the setting of the idle speed of the thermal useful, for example, to confer exactly 540 rev/min or 1000 rev/min to the PRO shaft to the benefit of performance. Merlo is the only world manufacturer of telescopic handler that constitutes an efficient and tangible solution to minimise energy consumption.  

  • EPD system: patented by Merlo to protect innovative ideas.
  • Energy saving: the operation of the diesel engine and transmission by the EPD ensures fuel savings up to three litres per hour.
  • Annual saving: estimating 1,000 hours per year, savings is about 3,000 litres, or 3,600 Euro.
  • Objectives: EPD controls engine rpm with parameters set for maximum energy savings.
  • Accelerator pedal disconnected from the engine rpm: the operator requests a speed or a torque and the EPD takes care of the rest. Versatile, automatic system.
  • Manual selections: the operator can select manually three modes: Transport & Tow, Heavy Load and Inching based on the type of process for maximum effectiveness.
  • Threshold of the diesel engine rpm: The operator sets the ratio between engine rpm and PTO rpm choosing the speed of the PTO between 540 or 1,000 rpm.







Continuous Merlo CVTronic transmission: fluid and progressive acceleration without interruption of torque


Maximum synergy is achieved with a new transmission that combines the Merlo experience, acquired on the hydrostatic transmissions, with new technical solutions that make it possible to achieve the same performance, consumption and yield of a traditional CVT transmission.

The system, called Merlo CVTronic, has two hydrostatic engines with variable cylinder axial pistons that are powered by the load sensing hydrostatic pump aligned to the diesel engine.

Both the engines operate together to offer the maximum torque possible in the range of speeds dedicated to handling and processing in the field.

Transposed, the second hydraulic engine connected to the transmission by a clutch is completely disconnected from the electronic control unit. The change is done automatically and without any interruptions of torque.

During this phase, all the oil coming from the pump powers the main hydraulic engine which pushes the P 50.8 up to 50 km/h limited depending on the speed requested by approvals of the country.

The solutions adopted will be progressively extended to the entire Turbofarmer family so that it can be even more competitive.

The solutions adopted will be progressively extended to the entire Turbofarmer family.


  • M CVTronic the original Merlo interpretation of continuous transmissions. The Merlo transmission achieves the yields of the CVT transmissions.
  • M CVTronic low speeds: two hydrostatic engines work together to provide maximum torque. Excellent pulling capacity.
  • M CVTronic high speeds: all the oil coming from the pump powers the hydrostatic engine to reach 50 km/h. Maximum performance and top speeds greater than those of the competition.
  • M CVTronic/EPD: synergy between the two integrated systems provides high performance and minimum consumption up to 3 litres per hour with equal performance.
  • No interruption of torque: Maximum efficiency and driving comfort.
  • Electronic management of the M CVTronic system and change in speed: maximum performance and comfort.
  • Accelerator pedal: connected to the EPD to minimise diesel engine fuel consumption.
  • Speed from zero 50 km/h: progressive acceleration without interruption of torque.




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<h1>Merlo</h1> is a prominent, dynamic, state-of-the-art industrial company, with exclusively private capital for the production of high technology machines. It is an established entrepreneurial Group which can claim a front row position on all the world markets and is the international point of <h2>Telehandlers</h2> <strong>Merlo Group</strong> is composed of companies created to complete an ambitious project: create products designed and constructed entirely in Italy. A challenge achieved. Because Merlo is not an "assembler" but an extremely vertical industrial company that designs, develops and produces in house <em>Telescopic tractor</em>. This makes it possible to always find the best solution for the requirements of the <h6>Self-Loading concrete mixers</h6> , achieving products designed and created entirely in Italy. Merlo's success in the world stems from its capacity to know <strong>Rotating telehandler</strong> to anticipate the needs of the markets and every machine produced proves the company's commitment to offering their <h3>Telehandler </h3> the best technology available today, with the guarantee of fifty years of experience in research and innovation. It is precisely thanks to the research, the innovation and the continuous development of <h4>Telehandler Agriculture</h4> &nbsp;that the Merlo Company wants to further strengthen its leadership in advanced technologies and quality. The <u>Merlo Group</u>, founded in 1964, has over 1,200 employees and the covered area of the Cuneo plants is around 220,000 square metres. Over 90% of production is exported all over the world through a commercial network divided into 7 subsidiaries and over 600 dealers. The Merlo Group is the market leader in <h3>telehandlers</h3> &nbsp;with <strong>Machines for agriculture</strong> and in telehandlers with hydrostatic transmission.