For Comfort

Merlo machines are the synthesis of technology and respect for mankind. Each component is designed to maximize performance and make work easier and more comfortable.

From the cab, designed to ensure the highest standards of safety and comfort that interior dimensions offer at the highest level on the market.

The controls for driving on the road are designed to be operated while keeping the hands on the wheel and meet the latest ergonomic design.

Merlo has developed three types of suspension to further increase the comfort for the operator:



  • The CS (Cab Suspension) that offers the highest level of operator comfort in the cab, ensuring a high level of comfort for the operator.





Hydro-pneumatic suspension  B.S.S.

The cushioning function of the telescopic boom hydraulic suspension, BSS - Boom Suspension System, is entrusted to a hydraulic circuit equipped with gas pressure dampers that act on the lifting cylinder of the boom itself.

The system is based on a proven technology that provides an effective damping of the stresses that are transmitted to the payload during the work phases, significantly reducing the pitch of the boom during transfers at high speed.


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Hydro-pneumatic suspension E.A.S. - Merlo patent

The EAS (Electronic Active Suspension) operate through the integration of uniform and balanced hydraulics and electronics, the two technologies chosen to pilot the standard mechanics. By combining hydraulics (the actual damping system) with electronics (the control system), Merlo engineers have developed an active self-regulating system that operates with the same efficiency irrespective of the load and without the operator having to worry about its functional control.

Greater comfort
The ride is more comfortable, especially when towing a heavy trailer or operating on uneven ground.

Total safety
The device also acts as a transversal pitch adjustment allowing to work even on slopes in total safety.

Better performance
The dynamics of the vehicle, especially when cornering, are advantaged..


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Hydro-pneumatic suspension C.S. - Merlo patent

The loaders of the Panoramic CS series are the first in the world to have the cab with hydro-pneumatic suspension. Comfort reaches its maximum level because the innovative CS - Cab Suspension - allows to effectively absorb shock and vibration transmitted from the ground. The large range ensures the most effective response even in the most challenging transfers, thanks to the perfect integration of pneumatic and hydraulic devices.
The operation of the suspensions, activated by a single button in the cab, can be switched on and off depending on the operational needs, even with the machine in motion


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<h1>Merlo</h1> is a prominent, dynamic, state-of-the-art industrial company, with exclusively private capital for the production of high technology machines. It is an established entrepreneurial Group which can claim a front row position on all the world markets and is the international point of <h2>Telehandlers</h2> <strong>Merlo Group</strong> is composed of companies created to complete an ambitious project: create products designed and constructed entirely in Italy. A challenge achieved. Because Merlo is not an "assembler" but an extremely vertical industrial company that designs, develops and produces in house <em>Telescopic tractor</em>. This makes it possible to always find the best solution for the requirements of the <h6>Self-Loading concrete mixers</h6> , achieving products designed and created entirely in Italy. Merlo's success in the world stems from its capacity to know <strong>Rotating telehandler</strong> to anticipate the needs of the markets and every machine produced proves the company's commitment to offering their <h3>Telehandler </h3> the best technology available today, with the guarantee of fifty years of experience in research and innovation. It is precisely thanks to the research, the innovation and the continuous development of <h4>Telehandler Agriculture</h4> &nbsp;that the Merlo Company wants to further strengthen its leadership in advanced technologies and quality. The <u>Merlo Group</u>, founded in 1964, has over 1,200 employees and the covered area of the Cuneo plants is around 220,000 square metres. Over 90% of production is exported all over the world through a commercial network divided into 7 subsidiaries and over 600 dealers. The Merlo Group is the market leader in <h3>telehandlers</h3> &nbsp;with <strong>Machines for agriculture</strong> and in telehandlers with hydrostatic transmission.