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Policy relative to the use of cookies

At Merlo Spa we take care of the privacy of our customers consider very important the relationship of trust that binds us to them. 
As happens in many companies, the corporate web site is a fundamental technological tool also at Merlo Spa for gathering useful information in order to allow us to improve the online experience of the users. 
The cookies used by Merlo Spa allow our site to operate and help us to recognize the information and the advertising announcements most suited for our visitors. 
This policy relative to the use of cookies explains:

  • What cookies are
  • What information we collect and why
  • What type of cookie we use
  • How long the cookies remain archived on the user's device
  • How we manage the cookies
  • What would happen if the user refused all the cookies
  • The changes made to the Policy relative to the use of the cookies
  • How to contact us

What cookies are

The cookie is a string of text which contains information and is downloaded onto the PC or the mobile appliance of the user visiting a web site. Cookies are useful since they allow the web site to recognize the user's device: they are sent back to the original web site, during all the following visits, or a possible other web site capable of recognizing that specific cookie. For additional information on the cookies, visit the web site:
In this policy, the term "cookie" refers to all the similar devices, including Web beacons and log files.

What information we collect and why

Creating a pleasant, long-lasting experience for our customers consists also in using the cookies to prepare the information necessary to best understand what the customers would like to obtain from our site. 
Following is some of the information that we collect through the cookies:

  • the number of visitors who visit the Merlo Spa website, the frequency with which the site is visited, the pages visited, the click-through performed and the total time spent;
  • The website visited before the Merlo Spa website;
  • the recognition of a user who visits the site for the first time or a regular user;
  • the display preferences, (i.e. layout, preferences tie to the size, language, etc.);
  • the user name and password used in the Merlo reserved areas, the type of browser and the IP address of the visitor (data which will make it possible to recognize the users at future visits).

We would like to specify that the cookies are not used to collect the names or e-mail addresses of the users unless they are entered by the user to contact the companies of the Merlo Group.

In addition, the cookies make it possible to:

  • customise the user's visit: we can use the information taken from every visit to our site to improve the next visit;

Our objectives consist in offering the user what he wants in the simplest and quickest way possible and in noting the trends of the customers: we organise the information obtained from thousands of visits and we analyse them overall. This type of study concentrates on the identification of the trends of the many users who visit our site rather than the analysis of the information concerning the individual customers.

What type of cookie we use

When you visit our website, it is possible that the following categories are configured on your device:

Cookies of the websites displayed
These are cookies configured by Merlo Spa. Most of them are absolutely necessary to browse the website and use its features.

  • Absolutely necessary cookies: they are configured by Merlo Spa and allow the user to browse the site and use specific functions upon demand, as for example the storing of the preferences relative to language.
  • Analytical cookies: they are configured by Merlo Spa to collect statistical data (aggregate and anonymous) concerning the visitors' use of the website. This information allows Merlo Spa to increase the functionality of its website.

Third party cookies
In addition to the use by Merlo Spa of these applications, some third parties and affiliated companies could configure cookies and web beacons on the user's device and therefore access it.

  • Absolutely necessary cookies: support useful features and services.
  • Online cookies on the behaviour relative to advertising: they collect information on the browser habits and the preferences of the user tied to products and services. This information will allow Merlo Spa to show pertinent announcements in the most appropriate points on the partner websites and on the Merlo Spa site.



How long the cookies remain archived on the user's device

The period can vary because there are two types of cookies: temporary and persistent.

Temporary cookies
We use temporary session cookies on all our secure pages to assign a session ID to the user and then store is to allow uninterrupted browsing through the areas of our site. This session ID is also used to internal report purposes.  It does not provide personal identification nor does it leave any recoverable information on the user's hard disk. Almost all the cookies of the websites viewed are session cookies which stop working when the internet browser is closed. 

Persistent cookies 
The analytical cookies of the websites displayed and the third party cookies are persistent since they are used to identify the screens viewed by the visitors long term and to provide the additional features requested in relation to the customisation of the site and the saved or filed contents. They can remain archived in the user's computer for 24 hours, one week or years, based on the function they are contributing to performing.

How we manage the cookies

It is possible to manage the cookies through one's own web browser. By setting one's browser to be notified when a cookie is received, to decide whether to accept it or not. The cookie will never be capable of reading information contained on the hard disk, while the user can remove it from the computer at any time.

If you prefer not to keep the cookies on your device, follow the instructions provided below to manage the cookies archived.

If you use Internet Explorer (IE) 9.0+:

  • Access "Tools" in the menu bar, a drop-down menu should open, then click on "Internet Options"
  • Click on the "Privacy" tab at the top
  • Move the sliding device scroll bar to the privacy level desired

Eliminate existing cookies:

  • Access "Tools" in the menu bar, a drop-down menu should open, the click on "Internet Options"
  • Click on the "General" tab which should be below "Browsing History", then click on "Remove"

If you use Firefox 2.0+ / 3.0+ / 4.0+:

Disable the cookies:

  • Access "Tools" in the menu bar
  • Click on "Options"
  • Click on the "Privacy" tab
  • Clear the box next to the phrase "Accept cookies from the sites"

Remove the existing cookies:

  • Access "Tools" in the menu bar
  • Click on "Options"
  • Click on the "Privacy" tab
  • Click on "Cancel now"
  • Select "Cookie"
  • Click on "Remove personal data now"

If using Google Chrome proceed as described below to disable the cookies:

  • Access the "Tools" menu
  • Click on "Options"
  • Click on "Hacker Stuff"
  • Select "Cookie Settings". At this point select "Block all cookies"

Remove the existing cookies:

  • Access the "Tools" menu
  • Click on "Options"
  • Click on "Hacker Stuff"
  • Under the "Privacy" section, select "Show cookies"
  • A new window called "Cookie" appears. All the cookies located in the Google Chrome browser will be displayed.
  • Click "Remove All" to eliminate every trace of the cookies
  • To remove only certain cookies, just highlight them and click "Remove"

If you use a web browser that is not included in the above list, please refer to the documentation or to the online guide of your browser to get additional information.

What would happen if the user refused all the cookies

The user would still be able to use certain sections of our web site but, by disabling the cookies, certain useful features would stop working. 
For example, it would no longer be possible to set the browsing language.

Changes made to the policy

This document may be updated over time. All the changes will be published on the website. This information note on privacy is specific to Merlo Spa and applies to the information that the user sends online and through the use of other channels. This document is only included for information purposes for the users and do not constitute any binding obligation. If you have any questions, contact Merlo Spa.

How to contact us

If you have any questions or doubts concerning the use of the cookies or to exercise your right to access your personal information and/or correct the information in our possession, it is possible to contact us. In addition, it is possible to obtain greater information on the general methods for processing the information of the users and, specifically, the data which is entered on our website, by reviewing our Privacy Policy.

The document was updated on 30 April 2014.


Cookies are text files containing small quantities of information which are downloaded to the computer or the mobile device of the users who visit the websites. The cookies are sent back to the original web site, during all the following visits, or a possible another web site capable of recognizing that specific cookie.

The log files are files generated on the web server (as for example the domain name, IP address, URL, http response code, the site from which the visitor is coming and/or the duration of the visits), which are created automatically when a user visits a site.

Some pages of our website contain web beacons (also known as Internet tag, pixel tag and clear GIF). The web beacon is an electronic file which usually consists in an image composed of a single pixel. It can be placed on a web page or in an email to send data, as for example personal information such as the IP address of the computer which downloaded the page on which the web beacon appears, the URL of the page on which the web beacon appears, the time the page containing the Web beacon was displayed, the type of browser used to display the page and the information present in the cookies sent by third parties.



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