Urban waste collectors Tecnoindustrie

    Urban waste collectors Tecnoindustrie

    Product range.


    These small vehicles are ideal for small towns and city centres. Their dump bodies have a capacity ranging from 2,5 to 8 cubic metres.



    hese mini packer trucks, having a capacity of 5,5 and 8 cubic metres, make it possible to collect and compact waste, thus reducing its volume and making transport easier.



    The BVO is a double dump equipment in the category of the Minicompattatoris and compactors The two dumps make this vehicle versatile and performing. the compacting dump has a capaciti of 5.5 cubic meters while the simple dump has a capacity of 3,s cubic meters.



    These mini packer trucks are equipped with a simple progressive shovel and a dump body which is unloaded by means of an ejection shield. Their load capacity is 6 cubic metres.



    These products belong to an intermediate range between mini packer trucks and large rear-loading packer trucks. They combine the manoeuvrability of the former and the performance of the latter. Their load capacity is 10 cubic metres.



    These vehicles are ideal to collect great waste volumes, and can be used even in very large cities, since they can also be loaded with waste collected by smaller vehicles. Their load capacity ranges from 14 to 30 cubic metres.



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