Merlo receives the prestigious Inel d’Or award

03 September 2012

The Merlo Group recently received at Rennes, in France, the prestigious Inel d'Or award, given by a technical panel that rewards the best innovations in the agricultural field. The panel wanted to honour the innovations of the new CDC Merlo system (Dynamic Load Control).

This is an important recognition never achieved by the company until now, which highlights once again the enormous progress made by the Merlo Group in the field of safety and performance. The need to work in safety and the need to have machines that continually perform better are often seen as difficult to reconcile, and safety is frequently viewed as an obstacle to productivity. The Cdc system, however, successfully reconciles these two aspects.

Safety in the workplace has become one of the most important issues in recent years. EN 15000, which regulates the safety parameters that telehandlers are required to have, has been in force since 2010. This establishes, in particular, the speed at which the boom moves, and in some situations limits that speed. If, on one hand, the regulations guarantee a high degree of safety, on the other hand they limit the performance of the telehandlers with respect to those preceding the regulations.

The Merlo Group has invested in creating a solution that could reconcile the new limits imposed by the regulations with the performance that they had before. The new Merlo Cdc system is the result of this research, and not only has it achieved the goal but has exceeded expectations by increasing the level of safety mandated by the norm, while at the same time providing the required performance.

The system controls and manages all the safety parameters by displaying them on the screen in the cab, thereby allowing the operator to always have the safety margins available under control. The Cdc can also automatically recognise the various attachments that can be mounted on the boom. This allows for even greater precision in calculating the safety parameters, as well as for the machine and the attachment. Thereby allowing the system to be calibrated to the actual safety conditions and to fully exploit the potential of the machine at any moment.

This is what the panel said: “We wanted to reward a safety element for the interchangeable attachments used frequently by various operators. With this dynamic load control, the operator can constantly view the machine's stability index on the screen and is therefore informed of the safety margin available. This is a really important help for driving.

Moreover, this system integrates the automatic recognition of the attachment that is connected to the telescopic boom. Using the screen of the CDC in the cab, the operator can see the net weight of the loads transported and can view up to twenty different consecutive weightings.


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