Kick-off of the second edition of the second level University Master's Degree Course organised by the Merlo Group in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin.

26 May 2020
After the great success of the first second level University Master's Degree Course, organised by the Merlo Group together with the Polytechnic of Turin, which ended at the beginning of 2020 with the hiring of 11 engineers on a permanent basis, the Merlo Group and the University of Turin restart with the second edition of the second level University Master's Degree Course project. 
The Master’s Degree in “Industrialisation of modular telescopic machines: design and process methodologies" was presented on Monday, 25 May at the Merlo Group Training and Research Centre. 
The project will involve 12 recent graduates in engineering for two years, who have been hired under an Advanced Training and Research Apprenticeship contract to obtain a 2nd level University Master's Degree. The master's degree course will be held both in the classroom (at the headquarters of the Polytechnic of Turin located at Lingotto and at the Merlo Training and Research Centre) and at the company premises (under the guidance of company tutors that the Merlo Group has identified among its technicians with experience in the various departments).
The aim of the Master's degree course is to provide participants with cross-cutting skills, in addition to those already acquired during their university studies, and to progressively integrate them into their own staff, by means of a dual education shared between University and the workplace. In this way, young engineers will acquire the necessary skills to design and industrialise a new generation of modular telescopic machines, able to guarantee an increase in safety, efficiency and, at the same time, a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions, with considerable benefits in terms of environmental impact. 
The confirmation of the Master's degree course, which took place during such an uncertain socio-economic period, is proof of the Merlo Group's desire to invest in young people. Engineers, through a process of growth and teamwork, will be called upon to acquire innovative and advanced skills, able to respond to the challenges of a rapidly evolving global manufacturing industry, and to gain in-depth knowledge of new technologies and the enabling tools of Industry 4.0. 
During the event, which took place in strict compliance with the regulations concerning distancing and safety, the Merlo family - represented by the Chairman Amilcare Merlo and the Managing Directors, Silvia, Andrea and Paolo Merlo - and the professors of the Polytechnic of Turin, represented by Mr. Aurelio Somà, expressed great satisfaction for this renewed collaboration.
The Advanced Training Master’s degree course, however, is only one element within a wider project that is part of a strategic vision of future investments. The investments of recent years, concerning the production site of San Defendente di Cervasca, and the several projects developed in collaboration with national and international schools and universities are proof of this. In fact, in 2019 alone, more than 700 students and over 2,000 professionals came into contact with an industrial environment that, through research and technological innovation, is projected towards national and international growth and development. These figures make the Merlo Training and Research Centre an international excellence, so much so that it has been declared Operator Training Centre of the Year in 2017 and 2019.